Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Against the Cage by Sidney Halston


I really loved this funny sexy little read from Sidney Halston. There were so many parts that I adored that I just found myself smiling or laughing and just enjoying myself throughout the whole read. 
Jack Daniels
Yep that's his name. Wow is all I can say. Like his namesake he has kick and leaves a burn behind. So totally drool worthy Jack kept me swooning the whole ride. His possessiveness at times nearly stopped my breath it was so intense. Although this book was pretty funny most of the time there were some really emotional parts and the watching these fall in love was something special .
A 100% loyal alpha male..total yumminess all in one package that was Jack Daniels.
 Chrissy ..shes something else. Carrying the weight of the world on he shoulders, she's just had a rough time.  She's a doctor that has spent time caring for the less fortunate while at the same time hiding from her life. Coming back to help her brother who is always in trouble it seems. But when she comes back home and finds her childhood crush is a whole lot bossier and also finds he has an extreme attraction for HER. Nope Jack doesn't see little Chrissy as the little sister type that ran behind him and Slade..no she's everything his body and heart seems to want and these two set the pages on fire! 
Jack's a dirty talker and Chrissy isn't shy which added to some really fun sexin. But here is the kicker. The star of this book isn't Jack or Chrissy.    

DO NOT let his size fool you..This little firecracker not only had a temper he had a personality that stole the show. I loved every page that Drogo was on. Such a funny element added a sweet and sassy romance. 
Can't wait for more from Sidney

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