Sunday, June 15, 2014

Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel by Nina G. Jones

4 Sizzling stars for Story and
 10 Crazy Scorching hearts for Heat
This was a tantalizing sexy and sassy read. Heath was the quintessential drop dead gorgeous man whore who had women literally dropping panties and hearts in his wake. 
Sadie was the scorned and bitter work a holic who wasn't gonna give another man the chance to break her heart or her steadfast rule of not getting close. 
But these two had something that neither of them saw coming. An explosive chemistry that couldn't be detained.
 But what I loved most about this sexy little read was the friendship that grew between them and how they both had to learn that the outer shell and actions aren't always the true person. Drama came from insecurities on Sadie's part and even though I began the story kinda disgusted with Heath, he completely stole my heart by the end. Sadie fell harder and harder and it just scared the hell out of her but when she ran Heath showed how wonderful falling could be when someone caught you. 

 I wish there could have been an epilogue but I was very pleased with the book anyway. I'll be watching this author from here on out.

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