Sunday, June 8, 2014

Second Chance (Running Into Love #3) by Annalisa Nicole ~ @AnnalisaNicole4

Annalisa Nicole has a way of writing that sucker punches me right to my heart. I always end up with tissues crumpled and red and puffy eyes. But this is not a BAD thing see. It's a beautiful and sentimental wonderful thing. 
 Adrian is the oldest brother and while he stands around watching his younger siblings enjoy and cherish their wives/husbands and children, he's alone. 
Remembering the girl that got away and not only broke his heart but just completely disappeared. 
Shay has harbored such guilt from that one tragic day and when these two come back together, there is no way that walls won't crumble and hearts won't heal. The love was just to strong to keep those barriers in place.
One amazing scene nearly caused  kindle  combustion. The passion between these two was seventeen years overdue and BAM! 
 Adrian was so real and such a man, in so many ways he just seemed so amazing in how he cared for Shay. 
 Shay loved not only Adrian but she had so much love in her heart that she took the responsibility of so many things on her shoulders. I really felt like she was an amazing and extraordinary character. 

I laughed, cried and rooted with them and for them. I enjoyed this book just like the previous ones and can't wait for both Ava and Jax's story and to finally see Chloe and Max get their crap together. This author is just one I want to tuck into my pocket and keep for my happy place. 

Her stories are layered in so many meaningful lessons. The experiences the characters go through drill home the meaning of  LOVE , FAMILY and FORGIVENESS. 
I'm always left with the most peaceful feeling in my heart and I immediately want to reach out to my loved ones and hug them close. If you love romance with sweet lessons and sizzling chemistry then Annalisa Nicole is a must read author.
Copy provided for honest review.

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