Thursday, June 19, 2014

Invincible (Revision Review) by Alana Albertson

  I am so thrilled at having had the opportunity to read the "revised" version of Invinsible. Although I did really like it the way it was before I can honestly say that the additions of Annie's POV and also her secret was brilliant. I still felt this was an emotional and sweet romance that I couldn't put down. I look forward to the rest in this series and still feel like my review below stands firm but I felt it definitely deserved another star after adding so many layers and a few added points.

 ARC received for honest review
I adore a story where there is a damsel in distress and a sexy tough protective guy to save her. Throw in Annie's little secret and this romance had all the elements I love. I really loved military romances and probably because of my personal experiences with the military lifestyle I really connected with the Hero in this book. To live your life 90% of the time away from those you love is hard. Patrick figured he'd just stay alone until his time with the Navy was up. He paid for sex as the safest way in his mind to keep his heart from getting involved. 
The way Annie believed in him and knew he could save her just filled him up with so many feelings. 
Little did he know that this decision would drastically change his life. 
One moment out of thousands was all it took for him to look into the eyes of somebody destined to be in his life forever. 
He was determined to save her and not lose his heart in the process. But some things are worth fighting for. Annie learned that the hard way. She was stronger than most women could have ever been and the fact she survived what she went through was a testament to her character and her resolve that she'd never give up on Patrick either. He needed a brave and loyal woman to handle his lifestyle and his trust issues.
 I really enjoyed this sweet romantic and suspenseful read. I think that this series could really become a favorites.

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