Sunday, June 15, 2014

Infinity + One by Amy Harmon

Amy Harmon has captured my heart a second time. I am in such astounded amazement that I am not sure if I will be able to put together a coherent review. This journey ..yes a journey not a story..kidnapped me and held me for ransom and I didn't want to be saved. I felt like I was lost in serendipity and drowning in destiny. I didn't want to find my way home. 
I wanted to stay with Finn and Bonnie Rae..
well to be cliche and not sorry for it....yes I wanted to stay for

There were so many pages that triggered my brain into this overwhelming calculator of like + love and passion + hunger that I wanted to solve it but didn't want an answer if it meant I had to stop feeling. 
Yes this couple were more than two people they were less than one couple...they were just  more..and they will stay in my heart until the last page is written , in the last book , by the last author , on the last day forever. 
When a book touches you that deeply , it becomes sort of part of you, a memory maybe. It's a magical thing that you can open up your Kindle and immerse yourself in fiction but feel like you lived something so profound that when you close it after the final words are look around and wonder why all the people and things are just there going about their normal lives ...and they are extraordinarily changed like you are.  That was me after reading it and this is that book and this is that type of author.

 Amy Harmon + Pen = Magic

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