Friday, June 27, 2014

The Reality of You by Jean Haus

If you are looking for a sweet and funny but sexy as hell love story then look no further. 
Jean Haus has really climbed to the top of the short list for my favorite romantic comedy reads. From the first page to the last laugh I was in heaven. There are way too many dark and depressing reads out there right now. I mean every man is broken or tortured and every woman is bitter or against men in general.
I needed a break!!  
You won't find any whips and chains unless it's the heroine tripping over something in this book. 
She had some pretty SUCKY luck..I mean dang this girl could attract some disasters!!  
I found myself keeping my legs crossed for most of the book only because I thought I was gonna laugh till I peed.

She's a riot and I laughed so hard at all of her clumsiness or hilarious inner dialogue.  
Total freaking fun ! that what this book is but more than that I found a sweet and sizzling romance that melted my heart and put a smile on my face. Reese was a big old fat the beginning. But you know those jerks are the ones that end up being the best of the best. I can tell you Reese well he was 100% wonderful. 
 From the dream to the real deal ..Naomi never stood a chance I and I guarantee you if you give this wonderful refreshing romance a'll be head over heels too!!

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