Friday, June 27, 2014

What Doesn't Destroy Us by M. N. Forgy

3.5 Stars for Romance

5 Hearts for debut novel and writing technique

 I have a delicate balance in my love of biker romance. I love the gritty and dirty mouths of the bikers. I love the loyalty of the brotherhood. I adore the possessiveness of the "You are mine" an "property" comments. These are all things I just love about rough romances. But what I am is chicken when it comes to relationship roughness. Meaning, angst. How they treat each other, how specifically the men treat the women. Nope I'm a big old fat angst chicken. I am also a romantic sap.  I loved so much of this book then I thought OH MY GOSH she's gonna DO IT! She's gonna give me just what I want. These two had scenes that literally took my breath away...I loved it ..I was on pins and needles wanting MORE MORE MORE. Shadow and Dani were growing on me by the second. 

 But then I got knocked down on my ass and I wanted to cry.

 Everything that I might have disliked or had problems with is going to be just what makes this book SELL and makes this book ROCK because I know I'm in the minority.

 Most people love MC books because of the angst and the drama. I am the one that loves the ones where the guys are 100% loyal and so are the women. I can't stand it any other way. So just because parts of this story broke my heart doesn't mean it's not going to just blow some people away . I can almost guarantee it will.  I'm rating it on the romance story...just not my cup of tea..but on the writing and the ability to cause feelings of all passion, fear and anger..yea that is a solid 5. I've had the pleasure of talking to Ms. Forgy and she's the nicest and most down to earth lady I've talked to in a long time. I hope we work together a lot more in the future. I know I'll be seeing her name when this book starts hitting the kindles and ereaders. Written in a complex and passionate way this will be a fan of many hard care thrill seeking, angst filled, biker story junkies. 
*Copy offered for honest review

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