Saturday, June 28, 2014

Baiting The Maid Of Honor (Wedding Dare #2) by Tessa Bailey

OH Tessa you freaking do it every time. It's like you have my hero check list beside you and  leave no box unchecked on my MUST HAVES. 
✓  Arrogant 
Filthy Mouth
✓  Possessive
Always Unique
 NO every Hero Tessa writes is his own character and they may always be dirty talker but each one has his own special personal qualities that I adore.
 Reed saw Julie and he wanted Julie and that was that. But Reed wasn't counting on all those erotic feelings to cause some bumping of blood in an organ north of where he wanted her. Nope Julie touched Reed in a place that he hadn't used EVER. Didn't even know it worked. He though his heart was just a lump in his chest. I really loved how this progressed slowly for Reed. ..from not even allowing himself to even hug not ever wanting her out of his site.This grew slowly and realistic with Reed fighting himself the whole way but I really enjoyed his inner turmoil. 
But I have to say the dominate side of Reed was my favorite part. 
Julie was used to "proper and sweet" not a dirty talking take me where I stand arrogant ass. NO she wasn't used to it but her body craved his passion and there wasn't anything that would keep these two away in the end. I love how Tessa writes such endearing love stories layered in between the erotica. I mean every word spoken and every touch made means something special and again Tessa left me breathless and swooning. Loved every moment.

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