Sunday, July 6, 2014

Carrier (The Line #1) by Anne Tibbets

Oh man!!!!! 
Where do I start? First of all 
This is not 
 While there is a beautiful burgeoning love story in the making this is not a complete romance!! But you now what?? I freaking loved it so freaking much. !! 

We have Naya, who has been a sex slave for 9 years. She is suddenly released and told she is pregnant with  twins. The world is post apocalyptic. Very dystopian type society. Families sell their daughters to The line for 10 year service contracts. The Line is a prostitution program where girls are forced to have sex and do not go outside or leave at all. They are locked into sleeping chambers at night.

I perform my job ten times a day.

Seven days a week.

For nine years.

You do the math.
 When Naya is released she has been beaten badly. They tell her that she has to find a replacement for the rest of her term (1 yr) or they will take her babies. 
From this point on this story is a roller coaster of adventure. So many characters and each and every one of them add something very important to this story. 

Ric "Doc" is an amazing man. He is running a free medical clinic. Naya goes to get her pregnancy confirmed and to be checked out. He is so gentle and compassionate with her and immediately he is drawn to her and she to him. But after such a traumatic past Naya is very very afraid of human touch. So Ric is a friend and a protector but they start to care for each other deeply. 

Ric's friends Tym and Sonya were so freaking special to me. I loved Sonya's attitude and bravery. I was on the edge of my seat this entire book and woke up having dreams about it to grab my Kindle and start reading some more. I devoured it in mere hours. 

I am a romantic at heart and I was so enthralled with how I felt Ric and Naya belonged together and I can tell the next book should delve more deeply into a their romance. 

I look forward to the sequel with bated breath and will drop everything to read it. 

 So much sadness and at the same time so much humanity amongst the disgusting treatment..the heroes were hidden and when they stepped took my breath away.

Anne wrote a brilliant story with a fantastic portrayal of society after greed takes over and I was intrigued and over whelmed by the sights, smells and emotions she brougth forth into an amazing story. I am hooked..all the way.

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