Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rex (Finding Love #2) by Beth Michele - @BethMichele8

I was totally sucked into Beth's writing style when I read Finding Autumn. I was anxiously awaiting Rex's story and it definitely didn't disappoint. 
Rex was the dark brooding tattooed hero that plays it off like nothing gets to him. But inside he had pain and battles that broke my heart. Vanessa had a childhood that would turn anyone into a anti-love cynic. She couldn't recognize it because she never had it. Once they met it didn't take long for Vanessa to see right through Rex's facade and his pain called to her and she couldn't walk away. 
 Whatever has him this rattled, I want to be able to carry it away, ease his pain, even if only for a little while.  
Rex didn't know why she affected him like she did. Women for "one thing only" and he always kept it no strings attached. But it wasn't like this for him and Vanessa. 
Everything about her disarms me: her smile, her touch, her spirit. Little by little, she’s diffusing the bomb that constantly ticks, the one threatening to rip me apart—and I don’t even think she gets it.  
What started as two people attracted by a deep lust turned into something they both couldn't deny. Fighting demons from years past and trying to tightly hold on to each other. 
I felt that Beth wrote a love story about accepting the past and realizing you could change your own future. To give into feelings didn't make them weak but gave them back their strength. Passionate encounters that took my breath away . There were so many playful moments between Rex and Vanessa. (His "Blondie") Rex wasn't all pain and shadows, no he had a snarky and funny disposition that made me laugh out loud so many times. Without even knowing how, he took care of Vanessa in ways she never experienced before and it was so tender and sweet.
He was a bright soul that made her laugh and their sweet and sexy times together made this one beautiful love story. His dirty mouth was fantastic and she gave as good she got.
  I couldn't put this down for longer than a few moments. I am definitely happy and satisfied by this sexy emotional love story and it was so totally worth the wait.
*copy provided by author for honest review.  

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