Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lead (Stage Dive #3) by Kylie Scott - @KylieScottbooks


Kylie Scott never ceases to amaze me.I was kinda scared when I heard about Jimmy's book. See I have a love hate relationship with brooding heroes. I want to kiss them and fix them and just make it all better. 

 I find that they have to have the right balance of jerk to sweetheart to keep me from full on despising them. 
Well, Jimmy was the sweetest jerk I've read I do believe. That might be an oxymoron but well it's true. He had this tough exterior but his heart was beating so loud and it pounded through that shell so clearly that Lena felt it and responded in just the way he needed. She was her own strong and sassy self and gave as good as she got. I found myself laughing so many times at Lena's inner dialogue. It would take a very strong lady to put up with Jimmy and Lena was just what he needed. 
The chemistry was set on simmer from the first page and it slowly built to a rolling bowl..and boom!  It was hot! 
  As the dust settles we  found that when Jimmy was his most stubborn, Lena did what needed to be done to wake him up. For a guy that could barely say the word love..without grimacing..to watch him fall face first was the biggest and sweetest treat of all. 
I really enjoyed this funny and sexy read so very much and can't wait for Ben's story. 

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