Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fighting Temptation (Men of Honor #1) by K.C. Lynn -@AuthorKCLynn

I've been trying to work my way down my massive TBR list and kept eyeing this book for so long. I've heard so many great things about K.C. Lynn and I was so happy to dive into this sweet and sexy read last night.
 I found myself so lost in the book that I was just flipping through the pages and  I could not put it down once I started. 
I will have to admit that my housework has suffered today. I will say though that my heart has not. I am so thrilled to have found another amazing alpha book boyfriend to drool and swoon over. Jaxson is everything and then some. I loved him from the start. I thought Julia was feisty and so compassionate. 
 From the moment they first met  it was like they had saved each other from so many things. Then that first kiss..well it just started a fire. 
Jaxson's past broke my heart and sometimes I wanted to shake some sense into him when he thought he wasn't good enough for Julia and then hug him and heal the hurt. But Julia stepped up along with an amazing cast of characters and they showed Jax that he had people who cared and would fight right by his side. The interactions between Jax and Julia cracked me several times. How she'd do just about anything to push his buttons and for all of his growling and bossiness he sure seemed to like the results of their little foreplay fights. For all of his gruffness on the outside he had the most passionate heart. 
Julia saw in Jaxson the honorable man he was and she wouldn't give up on him. Her love for him was endless and I felt like she was so strong and put up with so much but never gave up. 

Ms.Lynn knows her way around erotic love scenes and she made Jax into one hot dirty talker. 
 “Be a good girl Julia and go into the house before I lose control and fuck you right here on your driveway.”
 When he spoke I paid attention. Of course where would the story go if there wasn't some crazy people out to tear this couple a part but nothing was predictable to me. I was riveted and then satisfied. Loved this hot and sweet story and I'm counting myself as new fan of this talented author. I know that I'll be skipping a few on my TBR list to make the next one a priority.  
When Cade's book comes I'm dropping everything.

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