Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Surviving Raine by Shay Savage - @Savage7289

Date Read February 2014
I can only start off this review by saying I don't know what possessed me to wait so freaking long to read this amazing story. Shay Savage has a magic way of writing the male POV. I don't know what her secret is but whatever it is I hope she never stops. 
This story sucked me in from the very first page and I devoured it. I was a child of the 8o's so one of my favorite movies was 
The Blue Lagoon. 
Something about two strangers having to survive alone on an island and then not only have to become friends but fall in love. Wow such a freaking intense story line. 
But there wasn't two innocent sweet kids in this book. NO ..first of all ..they didn't land directly on this beautiful they spend days and days in a life raft on the ocean.. Let's say again INTENSE.
Bastian Stark is a hard-assed bitter and let's face it mean as hell drunk. He's had a pretty crappy life and he's mad at the world. Raine is grieving. Her father has been murdered and she's trying to find some peace and calm in her turbulent life. 
When you are stranded together you have to accept some things and that is that they eventually had to open up and talk and it wasn't all easy. Bastian went into alcohol withdrawals immediately and this was what made me love Raine to death. She took care of Bastian and I just loved her strength. Now Bastian he had his dirty thoughts right from the beginning and I don't know why but that just made me like him even more. 

Toss her overboard or stick my tongue down her throat?  I couldn’t decide and it fucking ticked me off.
This story had so many amazing parts that I could go on and on but what I loved most as I am a romantic sap is that Bastian couldn't fight what was in front of him..he fell for Raine and he fell hard. 
 When I connected with Raine physically, I could feel every bit of her soul within my own.
I loved every moment and yes even when Bastian was a big old jerk I still loved him. For all his emotion..he had the biggest heart and his love for Raine was simply extraordinary. 
Bastian and Raine had to over come so many obstacles but their biggest obstacle was to come. Real life. back in the real world. .I can't wait to find out how they deal and I just know Shay has to give us an HEA.. These two totally deserve it.

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