Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Devil's Game (Reapers MC #3) by Joanna Wylde

So totally love knowing I can go into a book rest assured that I'm gonna love it just by seeing the authors name. Joanna Wylde to this day hasn't disappointed in giving me hot romances with 100% LOYAL Alpha Biker Heroes. 
Yes you can have a biker romance and not have the Hero cheat or share..yep she's proof. Love it. I adored this book so much. A younger feel to it made me just love it even more. I'm a New Adult junkie and so this one gave me 2 worlds I truly love. Hot steamy romance but fresh and energetic and funny as hell youthful characters. I cracked up so many times when Liam and his brothers had conversations. 
 Liam Hunter was amazing. His character totally rocked. He told it like it was and if you didn't like it well too bad. Once he had his sights set on Em on!!
So then what type of heroine did he need? The type that was raised in the lifestyle and didn't take crap from anybody. Em was sassy, sweet and funny as hell. But she also didn't take anybody's crap either. She also wasn't afraid to just put her heart out there. No whining or holding back for this feisty girl. Nope . She was just what Liam needed and perfect reflection of a biker like Picnics daughter should be. I can't wait for Pic's story and really really want to see him get his second chance at love. 
Totally glad I can mark this one biker series that I can love without reservations 

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