Friday, July 4, 2014

Grace For Drowning by Maya Cross

This was a passionate, emotional story about two broken and lost people who stumble upon each other in a moment of sheer fate. While this was beautifully written and kept my emotions on the edge, I still felt so sad reading it especially towards the end. 

While I loved how Logan was determined to help Grace, I felt he did an about face and it shocked me. During the middle of this book their was a short period of a beautiful and amazing romance brewing. I felt swept away...then well ..Logan he just caved. 

This was me

I am still reeling and for me my love stories have to have a Hero..and this one was Grace. NOT Logan. I am so proud of Grace for growing and healing...and it was all on her own in the end. Logan might have helped in the beginning but when it really counted he wasn't who he needed to be. So 3.5 Stars for the romance and  I give my 4 hearts go Grace ..and I hope that their HFN ending ..maybe somehow turns into a HEA day. But Logan has a lot of manning up to do. 

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