Saturday, July 19, 2014

The One Awakened by Alexandra North - @alexnorthbooks

I love coming across new authors. I love refreshing new styles of writing and adore Friends to Lovers story lines. When I read the synopsis of  The One Awakened..the only two things that scared me going in were 
1. It's a trilogy and 
2. It's gonna have angst. 
See I'm an big old fat angst CHICKEN 
 So.. I just prepared myself. 

And I dove right in anyway.
 I still wanted to see how this sexy story was going to play out. 
I loved the teasers that were floating around and I just had this feeling about Sebastian Silver.  
He's intense, sexy and bossy. Need I say more?
So as I said, I dove right in. 
Here is what I found. Alexandra North writes passionate scenes and tantalizing encounters with characters that beg you to pay attention. She is a master of  details. This is a very long book so there are many details but it wasn't boring. I believe I would have to describe this love story as a slow boil. Things had to move a certain pace to set build up.

Sebastian and Lucia met in a blaze of white hot attraction.
 But well. Things didn't turn out the way they could have or should have and years go by. They are the best of friends, both leading lives separately but sharing everything as best friends could. Lucia is now single. ..that is what turns this story into something special. She now sees Sebastian again as more
 (or let's say she finally accepts ) that Sebastian is more. 
Then the Proposition of one night of pleasure. 
Well things don't always go as we want them to and then story progresses with tons of push and pull and outside attacks...mystery and of course 
But the amazing love story kept me rooting for them and I wanted to scream several times and especially shake Lucia but I couldn't stop reading.
 Sexy love scenes, with scorching dialogue kept me riveted.
Sebastian knew how to cherish Lucia in the bedroom and went out of his way to 
shower her with adoration outside of it too. 
He helped her pull her inner vixen out and she reveled in his attention. 

 I hardly recognize the wanton woman staring back at me, flushed and brazen. 
I really enjoyed their sexy times together and also the times they let their friendship shine through. Sebastian could be sexy and funny and sometimes both at the same time. 
But it didn't take long for the friendship line to blur. 
 I want to fully believe when the drama hits that all is not what it seems. I do wish that Sebastian would open his mouth and speak when I need him to..because there was a moment there that I wanted to jack slap him badly..But well of course ..the book had to come to an end and I'll have to say that this was me...when it did. I hope that Ms. North can dry my tears in the next one. . I so want to give a full 5 stars to Sebastian. ..please make it so.

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