Friday, September 12, 2014

A Stroke of Luck (Bud's Diner #1) by Desiree DeOrto - @LemurianGoddess

This was a sexy and sweet little story that sucked me in right away. I adored the way that Jacob and Katie met and just clicked with that heated chemistry we all love to read about in our sexy romances. Katie had a lot of pain and betrayal in her past and Jacob had some walls to knock down. Of course he had his own past and drama to deal with but wasn't as up front as he should have been. Jacob spent hours showing Katie how a lover should worship and adore her. The love scenes were sexy and passionate. 
 She was a vixen. A temptress. Her touch made him feel like he was so close to heaven.
She would be the death of him, and it would be a glorious way to die.


But the sweet connection they formed was amazing. 
He felt like she was looking into his soul, opening it up and inspecting all aspects of it. He was ensnared.
Secrets come forth and like a house of cards it's all just tumbling down. I loved how Jacob didn't give up and that how Bub the sweetest boss a girl could have was there for her in the end all things worked like they should. I look forward to more in this sweet series. 

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