Sunday, September 28, 2014

His Wild Desire (Death Lords MC #1) by Ella Goode @1the1club

I really have a sweet spot for mc romances. I also have a hard time finding the ones that I can tolerate. Meaning, I need one loyal hero who doesn’t for one second think of sharing his woman, or cheating at all. I need a heroine who can be innocent to vixen but loyal all the way. If you can give me these things I’m gonna be one happy reader.  

This sweet sexy almost taboo read did checked all of these boxes. Step sibling romances can be very slippery slope. My opinion may be different others but here is the only way I can deal with this type of storyline. If the step siblings are older when they become family older than 12 I’d say that I can honestly understand any attraction that comes from this. You are talking about puberty and hormones running rampant. So these two characters were 14 and 16 and in total hormone meltdown hell.

"You’ve been my business since your sweet ass waltzed through the front door."

 The attraction grew immediately but wasn’t acted upon until Chels was 17 and Grant couldn’t wait another second to claim what belonged to him.

 They have a passionate love affair for 6 months until he’s sent away to prison. When he get’s out he’s tired of hiding and the seduction is ramped up to high temperatures. 

This is one sexy read that will keep you pretty hot and flushed while reading. There wasn’t just about the hot sex though,Once these two let their walls down and gave into the love that consumed them it was beautiful and cleansing. 

This had lust, passion and romance but ultimately was about letting go of the past and embracing what is in front of them and just being brave and standing up to their family and friends and most of all Grant's father. Which I have to add was a sneaky man added a crazy twist...he just stole my heart. 

 I really enjoyed this hot little read and will definitely read more of this series.

*ARC offered by author for honest review. 

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