Monday, September 15, 2014

Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss, #1) by Nalini Singh - @NaliniSingh

This is the first book by Nalini Singh that isn't paranormal. I read 2 of her previous paranormal books and loved them. She has a way of telling a story that pulls you so far into it that you forget about everything around you. Who hasn't had a fantasy about a rock star? Well most of us have. Zachary Fox is the picture perfect rock star with the tattooed and pierced body that fantasies are made of. From the moment Molly and he lay eyes on each other their minds start to wander. Fox wants Molly and that is all that he can think about. She thinks it's one night and that she's just giving into a dream a crazy moment of lust. Fox knows differently and he is set on a quest to steal and capture her heart. 
 “Open for me, baby.” He bit her lower lip as she’d bitten his, caught her startled whimper in a kiss. “I want in.”
 I fell hard for this honest, loyal and dirty talking rocker. I haven't enjoyed a rocker like this in a long time. He swept me away with his sweet talking and erotic persuasions. Zachary Fox had a way of making Molly feel like the most precious person in the world. 

They had obstacles to overcome and these weren't the every day ordinary ones that most couples need to go through. Molly hates the lime light and Fox lives in it. His entire being screams PROTECT and that is what he is determined to do.
 Touch by touch, kiss by kiss, he gentled her, seduced her, the raw sexual possessiveness he always felt when it came to Molly tempered by a vicious protectiveness.

 I was captivated by every page and lost in the romance. I can't wait for the next installment and there are so many different stories to be told that I am going to be counting the days. 

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