Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dante's Fire by Jennifer Probst - @jenniferprobst

This was an interesting and captivating story. I'd call it a sexy supernatural superhero romance. Very different from what I've read before and I really couldn't put it down. I can't really say anything to far into detail or it would ruin the plot but I will say that Dante is amazing and Jennifer Probst has a way with spinning a tale that just takes you into another world where things are just vibrant and beautiful.
The chemistry between Dante and Selina vibrated with tension and emotion.
There were some tender and passionate moments that I found brought tears to my eyes. The added suspense kept my attention and I wanted to jump inside and fight along side them. I felt like there was an energy between Selina and Dante that sucked me in and made my heart race.
I am very interested in Chase's story next. If I had one downside to this story it would be my imagination has a bad habit of worrying about things that "might" happen in the future involving Dante and the things he will still have to do. I am trying to convince myself that his love for Selina will protect him from anything that would not only hurt her but himself I ended this installment with a hopeful heart that this hero remains as true and loyal as I want him to be.

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