Thursday, September 25, 2014

Breathing His Air (Bantorus MC #1) by Debra Kayn - @DebraKayn

I love MC romance but I have a very very hard time finding the ones that have the perfect alpha for me. I need loyal, possessive and protective. This one had the perfect hero and I was totally captivated by the story, the romance and the brotherhood. This author proves that a MC romance doesn't have to have all of the gritty hardcore elements that others do. I think that it was the perfect balance of suspense to romance and most of all it showed the true meaning and belief of the real motorcycle clubs out there. Family, brotherhood and home. 

Rain was by far everything I could have wanted and more. He was perfect for Tori as she needed a strong and bossy man just to keep her from running. They felt in each other such a strong connection that it didn't take long for the attraction to become a all consuming need that blossomed into a love that was so profound that I had tears in my eyes at the brilliance of it.
He saw through the pain and the fear and pushed her until she was pushing back and standing strong. The amazing chemistry and slow burning devotion made my heart swell and my pulse race. I was simply addicted. 

I adored this family of bikers and the characters each had such vibrant personalities that I wanted to know more about each one now. There are some pretty major twists and turns and I was kept guessing the whole time. Passion, acceptance and healing. That is what filled the pages. This is one romance that has it all and I am going to be reading everything this author writes if she keeps giving me honest, true and loyal heroes and heroines that stand by them the whole way.

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