Monday, September 8, 2014

Melt for Him (Fighting Fire #2) by Lauren Blakely - @LaurenBlakely3
No matter who you are I can almost bet there has been a time that you've seen a person that you wanted to just say to hell with the rules and just throw caution to the wind. To give into passion and desire. To find a person who you can connect with on both a physical and emotional level and just have a little fun for one night. Well, that was the plan for Becker and Megan. Megan was in town for a small amount of time and never expected that Becker would be so connected to the people in her life. What transpired next is a game of tug of war that neither could win. They both wanted more and neither could admit that to not only themselves but to Megan's brother. I adored Becker. He was so sweet. I thought it was perfect how they finally gave in and decided to not waste precious time and to enjoy what was in front of them. 
He took the stairs two at a time.
It was a possessive move, and a protective one, and it said everything she’d ever need to know about him.
He was fierce, and he was gentle, and he was all she wanted.
I also loved the relationship between Megan and Travis and how he wanted to be the protective older brother bu he saw true love and didn't try to fight it. This was a very sexy romantic read and another winner from Lauren Blakely. I look forward each and every time to her amazing stories.

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