Monday, September 15, 2014

Worth the Fall (The McKinney Brothers #1) by Claudia Connor - @Claudia__Connor

It seems when I find a book that knocks me flat on my romance loving butt that I find that it's the hardest reviews to write. I am a sweet romance lover. I am a sexy hero collector. I am a loyal perfect alpha HUNTER and I found all of this in Worth the Fall.

 This book is worth every moment lost in the pages and every skipped meal and missed phone call. Call in sick, turn off the TV and curl up because this is one story that will keep you captivated till the last page. Matt might say he was taken in by a sassy lady and her
 4 & 3/4 sweet rug rats but I was totally swept off my feet right along with this delicious hero. 
I adored the budding romance but most of all the relationship with Matt and the kids. 
When a sexy loyal and tough Navy Seal can play football with a little boy one moment and dress up with a princess the next ..let's just say freaking 
HELP ME I"M lost!! <3 
I swooned more reading this book then I would on a sinking ship. 
To see this couple fall in love was so beautiful I can't even describe the wonder and emotion I felt. Matt had the biggest heart and never once took Abby for granted. He actually cherished every second they spent just being together. 
The entire scene amazed him. Awed him. Lying with a woman—not inside her, but beside her—and feeling so close to her, it was as if their hearts beat together.
This was simply romance at it's finest and I'm going to be watching and waiting for the next story this talented author graces us with.

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