Saturday, September 6, 2014

Honey Whiskey by Carina Adams

 After finishing this book I had so many emotions going through me that I probably resembled this. Why? Because I it was over...and I didn't want to say goodbye.
I have to give a little background on how I came to read this special book and to fall in love with this special couple. . I was given the offer to read
 Always Been Mine 
by the sweet Carina Adams. I had some issues with it and the characters and once I told her what transpired was a fast and immediate friendship. I never expected to be able to just say "hey this is what I didn't like and this is what I did" and an author would actually listen and care about it. I know that authors care about what readers think but this sweet lady wanted to know what could have made this better to me. Not that she'd have written it the way I wanted it. NO that is not what she was asking me..  She was just wanting to know where my thoughts were on how saw the characters and their actions. What was crazy was in a lot of ways we agreed with each other. So then comes book 2. Honey Whiskey. The sequel to Mattie and Joes and everybody that read Always been Mine knows that it ends on a massive cliffhanger. The kind that makes Kindles get thrown across the room. . 
So I get an email ..and 
Carina asked me to Beta read and I was like. 

Yes that was me because I might be reading and writing reviews and I might even have this small (ok big) dream in side to write myself one day but beta read kinda freaked me out. So I said ..HELL YES ..because I'm crazy like that. I just wanted to know what was gonna happen to Matty and Joes and hell she's offering to let me know before anybody else..

So yea I started getting chapters and I was in HEAVEN .

The story progressed in a way that I was very happy with. Carina barely need any guidance or suggestions. I mean there were a few moments her and I just talked about some things but really the characters just took off and Carina just is an amazing story teller. The sizzle factor was off the charts this time and I was pretty thrilled with those sneak peaks. 
Matty is a good guy and he is loyal and Joe is a woman who has spent her life putting everybody before herself. This time is finally her chance to be happy and to be cherished by a man that is going to love her with every ounce of his soul. The fact is that he always has. The one thing these two had to fight against half the time was each others own stubborn actions. Matty was bossy and Joe like to run when things got tough. Matty though needed to have that strong hand and Joe needed to let him lead because he'd never lead her astray or let her fall. 

I adored this couple and maybe it's because I saw them come from low to high..but they will always be special to me. This author is not only a great writer she is a great person and friend. I can't wait for Rockers story and I know she's gonna take me on a angst merry go round but for her and only her would I climb aboard anything with angst and only because it's got Rocker ..<3
Carina, Thank you for this honor. Maybe one day we'll be both lost at Disney World together!

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