Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hostage by N. S. Moore

This was a fast paced , hang off the edge of your seat STEAMY read. I was held "HOSTAGE" for hours Pun intended. I couldn't put it down and it held me in a strong grip!
What this isn't is a flowers and rainbows romance. It's not a tie me up and spank me romance either. But if I could mix those two scenarios up and shake them like crazy then I'd say you'd come close.  
Wren and Code are hiding from life in plain sight. The true is  both are living a lie but not able to figure out how to change things. Wren sleeps around for attention, Code follows the rough crowd to fit in. One bad decision plus a major betrayal and the next thing he knows there is this girl that is meek and mild on the outside and a fiery temptress on the inside and now she is at his mercy..but who is really in charge?? 
From the moment Code gets alone with  Wren he feels this intense attraction and connection and things escalate in a way that neither one of them ever expected. 
These two are searching for one spot in this world where they can be themselves and not feel strange, weird or alone anymore.  At first Wren  used the trick of sex to get her way but ..let's just say things didn't turn out the way she thought they would. Code made Wren feel things she never even thought possible. Code saw through the sexy wall she put up and together they found light in the dark. 
 There are some twists and turns and some hot make sizzle and I really enjoyed this unique read. 

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