Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Savaged by Nacole Stayton - @NacoleStayton
Everybody that knows me knows that I am a huge big fat sucker for Fairy Tale Romances. I adore these types of reads so much. Give me a damaged hero and a heroine who fights the good fight for her man and I am in romance heaven. Well going into this story I was expecting more of a darker type romance. I did get the dark but for every darkness there was light shined in with such profound gentleness that at times I had tears running down my face. I was in awe and in wonder. Niko Kincaid was a man that has hidden himself away for years and his saving grace has come to him in the slip of a girl who is feisty and fierce.
She is hope, and I desperately need her.
She's a fighter at the core because she's had to fight her whole life. Bree is by far one of my favorite heroines. I found that her sassy personality was just what Niko needed because he was so used to woman falling at his knees in or throwing themselves at him even though they knew nothing about him not physically or emotionally. 
Bree's reaction to Niko was immediate but grew steadily and she couldn't fight it. 
As if his words are water, they drench me. 

The love story here was one that at first to me grew in a sudden manner but then I started to think about it and realized that these two just recognized something in each other from their first introduction. In our world we rely heavily on physical attraction. If you take away the visual part of the attraction you have to rely on the emotions and the feelings and Niko and Bree felt for each other from the start. There was suspense and passion with twists and turns that had me guessing and gasping for breath. I was enthralled and captivated from the start to the finish. The erotic love scenes were stellar and the romantic and emotional moments left a crack in my heart. 
I am emotionally hungover and am tempted to start all over again just so I can fall in love again with Niko and Bree a second time. 

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