Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Enchanted & Desired by Eva Simone

I fell so madly in love with Brandon and Lily in

I'm telling you I was in a book hangover for a long time. Brandon was the perfect hero. Loyal and protective and Lily was sweet and brave. 
I was overjoyed when I started chatting with the sweet author Eva Simone and was offered the honor to review the sequel. Jess was a character I was intrigued by in the previous installment. I knew that she had some issues but I wasn't aware of the depth and severity of them. Jess has a history that has damaged her present and her future. She has let these issues from her past control her in a way that she doesn't let men in and she doesn't do relationships. But this has always been easy for her because none of her "hook ups" have ever made her really feel on an emotional level. Until Simon. At first it's all about the lust 
They way they make each other feel on a physical level. Amazing chemistry and out of the world orgasms. Both agree that this is the best sex of their lives. 
 Jess can't fight the attraction so she does the one thing she can do. She runs. She pushes Simon away and does in a way that makes him believe there isn't any point in going after her. 
This book took me on a ride of of mass emotional turmoil
I avoid books with certain triggers. I didn't ask questions before going into this book and that is my fault. I just want to say that the writing was stellar and it was written passionately and with a depth of emotion that at times took my breath away. I simply had major issues on a personal level with the heroines choices. I found that Simon was near perfect. His only problems were brought about  in direct reflection of Jess's stubbornness and actions that hurt him so badly.
 She has never put up a fight for me, and that’s part of the problem.
 If Jess had have opened her eyes to what was in front of her face the pain these two suffered would have been minimal. She simply made me so mad!!
I did see them grow slowly. Simon more than Jess and I adored the ending so much. Not all love stories can be fairy tales. Some are a journey that has a broken and  tattered road that leads two souls together and while they are fighting to build a bridge..they sometimes stumble. I know that this author wanted to convey a story of healing and trust and I think she'll please a whole lot of readers with the outcome.
I am glad I pushed forth to their HEA and adore Eva Simone for pushing my boundaries and helping me show a little mercy to some characters normally I'd not have been able to do so. 

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