Sunday, September 7, 2014

Taking Control (Ker Chronicles #2) by Jen Frederick - @JenSFred

I fell in love with Tiny and Ian in Losing Control and dove right into Taking Control. To find myself lost in Ian's head was magical. He is so possessive and sexy. I loved how his mind worked and how Tiny just meant so much to him.
My name on her lips in that breathy tone has the same effect as mainlining aphrodisiacs. My already-erect cock throbs in response. I‘m starting to believe in soul mates and life in the hereafter, because one lifetime won‘t be enough with Victoria Corielli.
His revenge plan was left behind faster than he'd have ever thought possible. It's funny that Tiny took up that torch for her man though. These two people were perfect mates if there ever was such a thing. The way that Ian loved her through the loss of mother and how he just always seemed to put Tiny first melted my heart.
His first and foremost thought was to protect Tiny and even helping her find a job where she was safe might have been easy for him on the physical level but he never wanted her to feel insecure. I find my mind is in a state of just awe because he has me swooning. I am romance reader who searches for the perfect heroes. Honest, loyal and true. Ian was all of these but Jen made him bossy and sexy to boot.
The love scenes were scorching and it was definitely a plus that Ian was a filthy dirty talker but a sweet romantic too. I was pretty sad when it ended because I simply wanted more. I can say that I was led to imagine so many scenarios of possible future story lines with the all the secondary characters that were in this series. I adored this sexy series and find that Jen Frederick never lets me down.

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