Monday, September 15, 2014

Resisting Temptation (Men of Honor #3) by K. C. Lynn - @AuthorKCLynn

This is the 3rd book in the Men of Honor series by K.C. Lynn. I was completely smitten by Cade in book one and was anxious for his story from that day on. I'd like to give a few warnings because I think they are important. This book deals with difficult topics and subjects that may upset certain people. If you followed this series then you already know what happened to Cade, Jaxxon and Sawyer while they were in Iraq. But also the terror that was perpetrated against the sweet little sister of Cade was also delved into. This book will go more into depth about these scenarios. Do not go into this lightly. 
 The story of Cade and Faith was the sweetest most profound love story that I've come across in a long long time and had a very passionate start.
But it also had a terrifying and soul destroying middle. Cade came out of his sisters death with a strong hatred and animosity towards God and anything or anyone who stands in representation of God. So while he is serving in Iraq he comes across a beautiful red head singing her heart out and quickly she captures his attention and even though she stands for everything he hates, Faith captures him totally. One splendid and erotic night is shared and their souls are connected beyond belief. 
Unfortunately this is where their nightmare begins and they are ripped apart for 2 years. But when love is meant to be ..things will fall into place and these two are suddenly forced back into each others lives. Their chemistry was as strong as ever and their love never went away. Fate is strong and nothing was going to keep Fate from putting these two back together. What I adored about these two were that a beautiful and adorable friendship grew and the way they were together went a long way to help cover some emotional scars for them both.
 Faith and Cade were a force of nature. Like a magnetic pull that they couldn't fight. I was swept away by the romance and never wanted to leave. I won't leave out that Cade was another award winning dirty talker but honestly that didn't come close to how purely emotional these two were together.
Faith was a girl with a heart so big that at times I just cried for her. I wanted Cade to just hold her and comfort her so badly. Cade is the most protective guy though and it doesn't take long for him to step up and be everything that she deserves and he craves to be for her. When he finally let's his walls down  he is the most tender man I've ever read. Faith craves Cade like her body needs air was so tender, passionate and amazing to read these two together.
Ms. Lynn  added some interesting characters in this installment that took Cade and Faith on a journey of healing and redemption. I don't want to give too much of this plot line away because there are so many important parts to this journey that was written in the most perfect way. To heal and to strengthen and to build this couple a foundation to take them to a fantastic conclusion. K. C. writes sensational, passionate and thought provoking plots. There is not enough words to convey the splendid perfection of this amazing story. 
 I saw two broken souls become one and at the same time saw blessings rained down on them. 
The religious aspect was dealt with grace and respect and I am proud to have found this author and proud to call her a favorite. This is by far the best book she's written so far and I can only imagine where she'll go from here. 

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