Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dominic (Slater Brothers #1) by L.A. Casey

 ARC Kindly provided by author for honest review.
4 Slap me Sizzling Stars and Hearts

Ok so I went into Dominic with a little bit of prejudice going on. I had heard that it's pretty rough going in. So I started and I was like Ok yea they cuss each other a lot and they seem to be fighting all the freaking time. But then I suddenly started reading between the lines and I remembered back to when I was in high school and it seemed like guys would harass the girls they always really liked. See I saw Dominic right away as this tough guy but with the biggest heart. I loved him. I can't tell you how much he just melted my heart from the moment he said 
"You touched what is MINE!" 
Total swoonworthy moment folks
There were so many moments in this book that yes I wanted to tell them to shut the hell up and just get together! These two were so outside what I've normally read but I couldn't put it down. Dominic said it best
"We aren't a normal couple, pretty girl,”
But really the way it worked out was so entertaining. It was like Grease meets Beautiful Bastard. 
But Bronagh was total Rizzo material and I'd say that Dominic was  Kenickie all the way 

The thing about these two were that the chemistry was so freaking hot and that they just had a hell of way with foreplay!

 Yea, total foreplay but when these two came together it wasn't angry , no it was really special and Dominic was so sweet to Bronagh. He really loved his "Pretty Girl". Brognah was so shut off and had sheltered herself for so long that she had the tough girl wall built all around her ..but Dominic and his entire family knocked those walls down. She finally felt at home within herself. 
Loved this book and I'll have to stop here in the series as it's going in a direction I don't read (so sad) but I did enjoy this sweet and sometimes explosive love story and am so glad I had the chance to review it.

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