Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hammer's Fall by Laurie Roma

10 Sizzling Stars for Story &
  10 Scorching Hearts for Heat
OH My Gosh this book hit me right in the part of my brain that was currently drowning in overload of ANGST. I need something that was full of LOVE, LUST and freaking Good times!!

It gave me that in spades!! But it also gave me such a beautiful love story ...that even included ..puppies!!

Ok seriously Hammer (Jared) and Kalista (His Fairy) had to be the cutest and sweetest couple I've read in so long. But the thing about it is that they were probably one of the hottest ones also. 
  Jared was amazing and I loved him from the first page. He just let Kali know she was precious in his eyes and there is just something about a man who isn't afraid to show his feelings. He just laid it all out there. Didn't matter where he was when he wanted his Fairy..he went after her

“You’re mine now,
and I take care of what belongs to me.
 I won’t ever hurt you, so I don’t want you thinking that,
 but I don’t like it when you put yourself down. You’re so fucking perfect, Kali.”
Laurie Roma can spin the sweetest sizzling romance I've seen in a while.
There were so many outstanding secondary characters also. I am going to be snatching up this series as soon as each book releases. 


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