Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Bossman by Renee Rose

The Bossman was a
 hot "spanking" read. I really enjoyed this story. Sophie need a firm
hand and wasn't afraid to ask for it. Joey was just the man for the job
and the only thing standing in their was was his "Job" ..yep Joey was
in "the family business" and Sophie wanted no part of the mafia life.

Sophie's stubborn nature added a little incentive and gave her and Joey just the needed boost when she was out of line ...the exact thing she needed to help her bring down her walls and let go. 

Joey didn't give up on Sophie and showed her in every way he could be the man she needed and Sophie got the firm hand she craved.
Renee Rose is the "spanking queen" and I look forward to moving her books right up my TBR list when I need a quick and kinky spanking fix. 
*Copy provided by author for honest review*

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