Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Billionaire and the Barfly by Adrianne James

4 Sizzling Stars & 4 Smoking Hearts for Heat
*ARC provided by author for honest review

This story turned out to be a very different romance compared to the main stream billionaire romances out there. Henry was the sweetest and most loyal guy I have read in so long. He wanted more from Aubrey from day one and he wasn't going to settle for less. Aubrey at times drove me to near madness with her selfish attitude. But in the end Aubrey was on a mission to find who she really was. The life she had been living wasn't even close to being what her heart really desired. She didn't think love was something she'd ever be able to call her own. Trust was a commodity she couldn't afford and so that left sex as her only escape.

Henry lays his cards down and bets it all. He believed in Aubrey and knew she'd finally surrender to their love. Henry was perfect and the only thing I wish is I'd have been able to get a glimpse of his POV.

This story was not only a romance but a family dynamics story. Everything that Aubrey's parents or her brother did effected her life in so many ways. I loved how the story dealt with real problems that families face in this day and age and the way things were approached was refreshing.

I really enjoyed this sweet sexy romance.


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