Saturday, March 29, 2014

Monster by Francette Phal

 Money can't buy happiness
But it can buy HELL

Sometimes we think we want something so badly that we'd almost do anything for it. But then once we have it right in the palm of our hand we tend to crush it because we hold onto it so tightly. 

Remember that little fairy tale you read when you were a little girl? 
It was called Cinderella.

This isn't that Fairytale 
Eden wanted a prince to come and save her from her dismal life. Poverty, abuse and neglect..she just wanted an escape. She was willing to wait for the Love to grow. She thought it would come in time.

 Well, what if her Prince turned into something so dark and sinister that all the riches in the land could make her feel at home in the Hell he provided??
What if He was so damaged that he couldn't see past his own pain?
Under all of this pain Dominic was a half a man with a broken and shattered heart...yearning for something ..good in this world. Some light in the darkness.
He wanted to possess Eden and have her in any way he could get her but never ever let her forget who she belonged to.


She was his! Like a child with a toy who refused to share,
Dominic allowed other men to look, but touching her, fucking her, was his right.

He didnt't want to need her. He wanted to only own her..devour her and consume
her..but somehow she is who brought him to his knees.
With the deepest passion bordering on addiction this relationship is brought through a journey of pain, betrayal and finally ..understanding.

Eden couldn't stop her heart from reaching out to Dom and finding inside them both
something that yearned and craved each other like they were each others air to breathe.

This isn't that fairtytale love  story but it is a love story indeed...and I can tell you that with all the pain and all the hurt it's probably one of the most beautiful yet tragic love stories I've ever read. 

I was left with a  belief that maybe we are redeemable after all.


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