Friday, March 28, 2014

Head above Water by Amber Garza
Wow, this was such a refreshing and sweet but suspenseful romance. I was kept guessing and on the edge of my seat the entire time. I normally read a more sensual or sexy type story and everybody knows that but I can say I wasn't  disappointed in this sweet romantic mystery. 

Twins at 6 yrs of age Heather and Harper are doing what kids to. They are teasing each other. At the beach, doing what kids do all over the world at 6 yrs old they have a little kids fight. Words are said that are in no way meant in a malicious manner. Just kids being kids. But this day something happens that changes the foundation of Harpers life.
Heather drowns and for the next 15 yrs. Harper lives in constant guilt and anger at herself. It does not help that her parents are also shattered and she is left feeling her father hates her. She doesn’t have friends and she doesn’t let people get close to her except for one friend Kate and she even keeps her at at a distance.
Then one fateful day she decides to join a party at the beach. The one place she is terrified of being. A crazy moment of sheer stupidity on a party goer lands Harper in the arms of Lucas..a sexy hot lifeguard and a sweet amazing and healing romance begins. 
“I’m Tag.” “Tag, as in ‘you’re it’?” He smiles. “Gee, I’ve never heard that one before.”

But this wasn’t just a story about falling in love. It was a story about forgiving oneself and accepting the past and moving on. Not for only Harper but Lucas had his share of hurt and guilt. 
Lucas shows Harper how safe she can feel and how truly strong she is.
Enemies come forward and people try to tear the sweet couple apart. But the strength and faith of these two kept them together and whole. I really enjoyed this amazing journey and am so happy I was able to review for this talented author.
 *Copy provided by author for honest review*


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