Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last Hit (Hitman #1) by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick
This is me AFTER Last Hit
Because OH MY GOSH 
Why the HELL Did I wait So freaking long to read this book!!!!!

Yep that's me..(well at least that is how I felt the entire time reading this book. Nick grabbed my attention from the very first moment. This story completely took me by surprise as I for months thought it was going to go another route. Was I disappointed? HELL FREAKING NO!!

Completely sucked in and captivated..and I was addicted to everything NICK. I wanted to hear his accent and smell him. Yea kinda obsessed I confess. But see I'm a sap, a big old romantic sap. I want love stories where the Hero knows exactly what he wants and he goes after it. I don't want him to be torn or run away and go back and forth. I want a MAN who takes it! 
Nick wanted Daisy, and he got Daisy . He saw her for the innocent but sexy and strong woman she was. Her life had been nothing but a sort of prison. Caused by a senseless and cruel act of fate when she was young, her dad locked her away and she had no life at all. One day she had enough and this choice brought her to a man that needed some innocence in a life that had been filled with ugly. 
Daisy quickly learned how love was supposed to feel and Nick treasured her and cherished her and everything about how he treated her just made my heart swoon.

D8Z: How often do you watch me? What do you see?
Nick: I see treasure beyond value. I see beauty without compare. I see your every gesture exudes pleasure and joy in even smallest things. I see delight in simply existing. I see you, Daisy.
Jessica & Jenn write heroes that are PERFECT even in their brokenness. They way you feel the possessiveness and adoration in every scene is amazing & breath taking. 
I will be snatching up each book they write if their heroes are this fantastic! 



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