Saturday, March 8, 2014

Silver Fire & Extended Epilogue by Victoria Paige

She does it again!!!

Victoria Paige is my new favorite alpha writer. I can't get enough of these sexy, dirty talking,

possessive and protective over the top ( and I LOVE IT) men of hers!!

Derek has taken the lead in my heart and I just want to wrap him up and keep him away from everybody. Even when he screwed up I wanted to kiss him.

This guy takes the cake in the caveman award. Throw me over your shoulder anytime babe!

But really the romance between these two was pretty emotional at times. Derek had never felt for a woman what he did for Sophie. She knocked down his walls and pulled up every protective instinct deeply embedded in his heart and soul. 
From day one he was gone. 
Once he gave into that he didn't give up. I loved seeing him pursue Sophie with such tenacity. 
   Victoria writes her alphas with no filter. They take what they want and do not apologize. Derek wanted his way and he got it but when his "angel" knocked him on his knees he knew when to surrender. 
But when he laid down the law..everybody knew it. 

“I’m taking you to work, picking you up. You sleep in my bed. End of.”

Loved it! 

Sizzling love scenes, enough to start a fire and let me tell you this story will take you for a ride. 

Enjoyed every second of it, even when I wanted to throw my ereader. 
The HEA is tender, passionate and left me happy as can be. 
Now..for Victor..yum

*Copy provided by author for honest review.  


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