Thursday, March 20, 2014

Uncaged (Corps Security #3.5) by Harper Sloan

There are moments in your life when you
know that a higher power is at work.
That someone is hard at work making sure that all
the bad you’ve ever felt in your life is cashed in for something
so incredibly perfect it almost doesn’t seem real.

Ok so this was me for 85% of this book!!!

Whether it was happy crying or sad crying this girl was blubbering the whole freaking time. OH and I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MOMENT!!

Greg Cage is like the caviar of book boyfriends. He is so freaking perfect we need to make a mold out of him and that includes his "rings"

Oh gosh that kid stole the book for me. I mean I don't know how Harper does it but that kid just totally melted my heart. I'll never see a little kid with a super hero cape and not be able to think of Cohen.

Melissa was strong and beautiful and loved her family with everything in her. I just loved her and her much. But then we get our precious surprise and everything that goes with it and this book was an emotional roller coaster.

I would gladly stand in line for hours to ride it again.

Now I'll scream again. GIVE ME MADDOX LOCKE NOW!!!

This guy is like in my head and won't leave!!

I want him now!!


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