Saturday, March 15, 2014

Possessed by You (Torn #1) by Jo-Anna Walker

This was simply a sexy read about two people who simply couldn't stay away from each other.  

While there was loads of steam and sizzling chemistry, I didn't connect with the love story and I really tried to. The scenes were well written and scorching hot but I felt a lack of emotion and aside from lust. 

Brett did have his moments where he seemed to start to open up. I really wanted more of these emotional interludes. The ending did make me smile and like Brett a little more

I really missed the love story and hope that maybe in the next installment there will be more plot. If you are looking for an Erotic read with a small dose of romance this is for you. 

 I am giving this erotic read 3.5 stars due to the amazing love scenes as this lady knows her way around writing erotica.

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