Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pursuit (Mafia Ties book 4) by Fiona Davenport @AuthorFionaD

Fiona Davenport likes to turn up the heat. She loves to make your heart swoon and your skin tingle. This was another perfect example that this writing duo knows the hottest stories are those that make you fall for the characters while they fall in love with each other. Brandon and Carly had me from the previous installment. I wanted to see him claim her more than anything. 

And claim her did he?? Oh yes!
I flipped through these pages, devouring this sexy story lightening fast then I went back and read all my favorite parts again. Even with the non relationship cliffhangers I find myself first satisfied and excited..and only a little sad only because I want the next RIGHT NOW.
You will enjoy every sexy page.. 
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pas de Deux 1 & 2 (Cross and Pointe Series) by Wynter S. K. @Wynter_SK

I start this review with a small confession. I waited a couple months to read these two books because I needed to give my heart time to prepare. I won't go into the reasons.. Wynter knows them. I'll just say that I'm glad I waited. Time can cleanse and heal and I needed a fresh slate that wasn't tainted by anything in the past.
This was much more than a love story. This was as its so perfectly titled.. A dance. A soulful ballet that two brave souls danced across the pages of my mind. I grew close to each character in a way that is hard to describe. For me there isn't a hero really. But a cast of heroes that stole a bit of my heart on each page. While this also had one amazing slow burning friends to lovers story it also had a message of hope. To believe that each of us has a warrior inside who has the fight needed, the drive embedded in our very soul to never give up. While Cillian and Sammie had scars.. Inside and out.. They didn't define them . They only made their inner and outer armor stronger. While the love story will live in my romantic brain and heart forever, I also will remember every uphill battle they fought and every single person they loved and lost. 
 Cillian is truly one book boyfriend that rises above and the love he found in Sammie was absolutely the perfect bow to one beautiful dance..

Wynter I am so proud of you for pushing through and fighting back because what you have inside your mind and heart isn't just words on paper. Its truly medicine for the soul. You thanked me.. But from the bottom of my heart.. Thank you.  use

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Inseverable (Carolina Beach #1) by Cecy Robson @TastyBookTours @cecyrobson @TastyBookPR

Oh my GOODNESS this book just blew me away. If I laugh, cry, swoon or get every sort of tingle while reading.. Its a magical feeling. This author is totally amazing (#SafeRead approved) and the newest book is by far my favorite of hers ever. 
 This hero Callahan is so perfect even in all of his brokenness. His past will break your heart and you'll want to knock down those walls but guess what? 
Trinity is the perfect balance to his darkness. 
She's his light in every way from the first joke she cracks to the day she finally opens his heart. This guy never stood a chance against the sunshine that she exudes. I laughed so hard that I thought I'd drop my kindle a time or five.
 I didn't know one minute to the next what would come out of her mouth. Dialogue is the best thing in romance. It set's the tone and it makes you believe in what the characters actions show. 
If their words don't make you feel then their actions will leave you cold. This author blew everything out of the water with the hilarious banter between not only Trinity and Callahan but with every character. Just when you think it can't get any better she opens up the most emotional scenes I've ever read.
 Oh and the PASSION.
 Callahan will take you through hell and Trinity will show you how love can lead them to Heaven. But Callahan in the end was the absolute final touch..a PERFECT hero in so many ways. 

The whole crew were amazing. Every single character shined.

 I can't say loud enough to READ READ READ. Please just dive in. Seriously it's that amazing . Oh and ‪#‎BestEpilogueEver‬

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Underwater by Maayan Nahmani


Maayan my dear beautiful soul you brought beauty and sheer life into word form for all to breathe in and experience. For so many we go through life with fake smiles and false charisma, just living life through automated motion. Each of us has battles we fight in the dark and the light. This story gives hope that through pain there can grow a small bloom of hope that grows into a future of love and memories. 
Dorian and Aria were destined to not only meet but to live through their pain to come together again on the other side, whole and united. 
Dorian was what so many romance lovers want in their heroes. 
He was brave, loyal, beautiful because of his scars not in spite of them. He was protective and possessive and most of all sweet and kind. 
Aria was given a true hero to share her life with and her dad would be so proud watching from above. I'll always be thankful I not only experienced this beautiful story but that I can call it's creator a sweet and loving friend . 
I see so many good things for you and I truly hope you nothing but love and happiness always . You have an angel watching out for you. He would be so proud.

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