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Healing a Cowboy's Heart (Cowboy Dreamin #2) by Sandy Sullivan

Healing a Cowboy's Heart

4/5 Sizzling Stars
5/5 Sizzling Hearts for Heat!!
So I have to say I even loved this one more than the first. I guess because Jeff was so hurt and lonely and deserved someone to come in and ease all of that. I loved his interactions with his cute little son. I could just picture that cute little boy dressing and acting just like his dad. Terri wasn't as tough as Mesa but she did stand up for herself when it counted and also owned up to her mistakes. I really felt like she fell in love with Jeff's son Ben before she fell all the way for Jeff. The most romantic "gotta get my girl back moment" ever!

Another scorcher too! These cowboys are hot!
Now I'm diving into Jacob's story. For the Love of a Cowboy
  For the Love of a Cowboy
I'm wondering what has made him turn to drinking and what lucky lady is gonna help pull him out.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Making Faces by Amy Harmon *Most EPIC book EVER*

Making FacesMaking Faces by Amy Harmon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Ambrose Young was beautiful. He was tall and muscular, with hair that touched his shoulders and eyes that burned right through you. The kind of beautiful that graced the covers of romance novels, and Fern Taylor would know. She'd been reading them since she was thirteen. But maybe because he was so beautiful he was never someone Fern thought she could have...until he wasn't beautiful anymore.
Making Faces is the story of a small town where five young men go off to war, and only one comes back. It is the story of loss. Collective loss, individual loss, loss of beauty, loss of life, loss of identity. It is the tale of one girl's love for a broken boy, and a wounded warrior's love for an unremarkable girl. This is a story of friendship that overcomes heartache, heroism that defies the common definitions, and a modern tale of Beauty and the Beast, where we discover that there is a little beauty and a little beast in all of us

Thank you to Amy Harmon one very delightful lady for offering this ARC for honest review. Sizzling Pages is so pleased!

Writing a review about a book that consumed and brought forth every emotion I have ever felt is hard. I am still reeling. I feel like I've been through something devastating but beautiful. I feel like my heart has footprints on it. I'm not trying to be melodramatic. I'm trying in the best way possible to convey the sheer tragic beauty of this story. I love to read and everybody that knows me has heard me rant or rave about this book or that book. But this is different. This is something so profound that I don't even have the proper words to describe it because there is a part of me that is selfish. I want to savor every feeling that I'm having. I want to keep it and I'm afraid if I share it with you that it will leave me. Yes sounds crazy I know. But there is only one thing that you can do to understand what I am going through. That is simply to read ...not not just read ..but experience this piece of history. Because this book will go down in history. I also have been known to be a speed reader. This book can't be devoured in that sense. I had to close this book so many times only because I was so emotional that I had to let the words settle in my soul and I didn't want to stop feeling. I didn't want it to end and I'd reread passages over and over in utter awe at how devastatingly consuming they were. This is not just a romance although the romance has to be one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read. Ambrose and Fern were true soul mates. They loved each other with their whole spirit.

This is a book about every kind of love. Family, friendship and humanity.
The friendship between Bailey and Fern is the true depiction of unwavering devotion, steadfast loyalty and unconditional love. Bailey is the hero of this story. Yep, not Ambrose or Fern but Bailey. Bailey is the example of bravery in human form. Think about who is a Bailey in your life. I am lucky say I know a "Bailey" in mine.

“I bet your mom wishes she could put it in your baby book. She wrote down your first step, didn't she? She probably wishes she could write down your last.”
“She probably thought there would be more.” Bailey gulped and Fern could tell he was trying not to cry. “I thought there would be more. But I guess I used them all up.”
“I would give you some of my steps if I could,” Fern offered, her chin starting to wobble too. They cried together for a minute, two forlorn little figures on a hospital bed, surrounded by blue walls and Bailey's things.

We all try to be good people and we all try to believe that the inner person's beauty is what we are attracted to but the truth is we have all failed a time or more in doing this. But after reading this book I imagine there will be more people asking themselves this one question. Do I really see this person? What do I see? Do I see the heart on the inside or the spirit shining through.
pretty package can hide an evil heart but, a package with flaws can be the window to a heart that is beautiful behind comprehension.
You have to look beyond what you see and really truly look on the inside.

We are so lucky to be able to enjoy something that is going to transcend time but this story is going to be something our grandchildren will talk about. Get ready because when your done you'll be changed, I can promise you that.

Amy, Thank you. Thank you for sharing with us your heart. Your soul has to be one of the most passionate and beautiful souls out there. Your gift is what makes people like me love to read. This book is a gift to the world. The words on each page have left a scar..on my heart.

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Repair Me (Kin #1) by Jennifer Foor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rating 4 of 5 Sizzling Stars

Sizzle Factor
10 Sizzling Hearts (** Major hot factor here**)

I am a huge fan of Jennifer Foor, The Mitchell family series is my favorite series to date. I am in love with her cocky arrogant but sexy as hell men! Ford was a different character in my opinion. I couldn't help compare him to the Mitchell guys. I know, it's a different series but I kind missed the maturity that I was used do with her guys. Ford was cocky and arrogant yes but he seemed a lot less mature then I'd have liked. This is New Adult and I love New Adult. I just felt a small disconnect with these characters. I still couldn't put this book down and I pretty much devoured it. The smoking hot sex scenes helped keep this at a solid 4 star for me. I am and always will be a Jen Foor fan and hope to see more from this series. She has a great knack for character growth in her series. Each book in the Mitchell family got better than the last so I expect great things.

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Panic (Rook & Ronin #3) by J.A. Huss

Panic (Rook and Ronin, #3)Panic by J.A. Huss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*ARC provided for honest review*

10 Freaking Stars if ever a book deserved them!

So I have been almost a little confused reading Tragic, Manic and Panic (Rook and Ronin series)
I have never read a book that had this type of plot. It's the most unique story I've ever read. Yes there is some sex and a lot of sexual situations. There is just something so different about it that I was like not able to put it down. I only rated books 1 and 2 a 4 because of all the unanswered questions in my head that made me not sure if I was gonna love it by the time it's over.
Rook (tragic broken battered girl) alone and homeless gets an opportunity to take a modeling job. It's erotic modeling
she meets
Ronin(beautiful sexy charismatic male model and other jobs) falls for Rook right away.

“I’ll be here waiting. I will wait forever. If that’s what it takes. I’ll wait for you until the end of time.” Ronin

This isn't a instant love though Rook isn't sure of her feelings. I didn't understand fully why she was the way she was until I got to book 3.
But when she woke up...Rook came through for her man.

Gosh where else can I go with this review?
There is so many other characters
Spencer (biker, rich and sexy)
Ford (strange BDSM guy) **wow**
So totally want Ford's Story!!

And several others
Antoine and Elise
of course
Clare the bitch from hell.

This really isn't a romance is but the love story is really 2nd to the growth of Rook. Her transformation from a broken girl into an amazing the story

But the romantic side of me has to talk about Ronin
He is every thing. He's beautiful yes but when he falls it's all the way. He sees the strength in Rook and he is so proud when she shines.

I honestly just got landed on my ass reading Panic. I am telling you shit came out that floored me. I am so freaking in awe right now of the twists and turns this story took that I am almost speechless.

Then the end happens and omg ..I can only have to read it to believe it.

So glad I gave this series a chance. :)

Manic (Rook & Ronin #2) by J.A. Huss

Manic (Rook and Ronin, #2)Manic by J.A. Huss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

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Ok so this series is like a train wreck. Part of me wants to stop and say to hell with it. But then I can't put it down because I have to know what the hell is going to happen.
Rook is very irritating at times. People who know me know that it takes me a lot to find fault in my characters. I just am a big push over a lot of times. But Rook she goes back and forth a lot with her thoughts. I am also a black and white type romance reader. I don't like triangles and I really love it when the people know who they want and don't feel stuff for other people. Ronin has been steadfast throughout. He loves this girl with everything in him. Rook..she's come from such a bad history that maybe that is the reason but she is so freaking wishy-washey (*sp* may be off but it's my freaking word today) I want these 2 to get their shit together. Sometimes I don't think she deserves Ronin but then again I do get irritated at him when he runs to Claire but I know his POV always lets the reader know he's truly committed to Rook. The problem lies that Rook doesn't get his POV. So therefore she always gets hurt. So I am on to book 3 and very glad I can finally put this story to rest. I need a HEA and I hope I get one.

Ford (something about this buy bothers me badly

Spencer ( I think he is probably as hot as Charlie on SOA)

I want a Spencer HEA too

Ok ..on to PANIC

Rating 4 of 5 Sizzling Stars because it kept me enthralled and even when I wanted to scream I couldn't stop reading.

Sizzle Factor: 3.5/5
Sorry but this book could have been so much hotter. Ronin is absent for a lot of it and I missed him :(

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Safe In His Arms by Renee Rose

5 Sizzling Stars & Too many to count Sizzling Hearts for the Sizzle Factor
Publisher’s Note: Safe in His Arms is an erotic romance novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
So I knew going into this book exactly what I was getting into. It's not a roses and candy love story. But it's a beautiful love story anyway. Zach was the strong hand Becca needed and Becca got the discipline she needed but also found an unconditional love she never dreamed of.
Spanking for them wasn't always about the discipline or punishment.
When things got a little off track. This is how they dealt with them.

But amongst the sexy and steamy as hell encounter and the dangerous situations that Becca put herself in. There was an underlying and extreme beauty to this relationship that grew by each page. I was so enthralled with how much Zach loved and adored Becca and their son. He had been alone for so long that they were there to heal a heart that had shut down on emotions. The scenes with Zach and Parker showed the true tender soul that lived in this protective warrior. When Zach opened up and showed his true feelings Becca had to have felt cherished and adored.

I loved story and even thought it was short it didn't lack in development or depth.
Looking forward to more from this author.



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Crash into Me by Tracy Wolff *ARC* Review

Crash Into Me (Shaken Dirty, #1)Crash Into Me by Tracy Wolff

**ARC provided by author for honest review***

Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

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This was sweet sexy rocker book. I really loved Ryder and Jameson. Ryder had some pretty messed up stuff in his past and it put up a wall around his heart. Jameson had loved Ryder for so long being the "best friend's little sister". This put Jameson in the "hands off" category. But love couldn't be denied as their chemistry threatened to explode every time they came near. This was a story filled with angst and passion. A long side this blossoming love story there were introductions into other band members. My heart breaks for Jameson's brother Jared. What Victoria did ..was just dirty. I hope his book has him find a love like he deserves. Then there is Wyatt. Oh sweet broken Wyatt. I can't wait to see what is in store for him.

Pros: Sizzling love scenes, witty dialogue and engaging plot
Cons: The only thing that distracted me from this story was there was a little too much push and pull from the main characters and it seemed over the top. Also, a little less inner dialogue and more physical action would have made it a killer 5 star read.

All in all I plan on continuing this series and would recommend it to any Rocker Romance fan.

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