Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wild and Free (The Three #3) by Kristen Ashley - @KristenAshley68

 4.5 Sizzling Stars for Story
                       10 Sizzling Hearts for Abel !!!

Where do I start ? Kristen Ashley never ceases to amaze me. She takes my heart for this thrilling ride every single time. She takes these ideas that start in this brilliant imagination she possesses and she builds these perfect heroes that seem so freaking real! I adored Abel with ever fiber of my being. From the moment he took Delilah and made her his..I was gone. 

I’ve waited three lifetimes for you, and now that I’ve got you, I’m keepin’ you.”

So yea, Abel stole this show for me. I loved his fierce protectiveness and loyalty.
His wolf traits just shined right through. 
 He adored Delilah and he never stopped showing her this. 
There were so many side stories going on that I can't even begin to go into how fabulous it was. 

Only one small part in this whole book wasn't my cup of tea. Totally taste issue.

 Aside from that one part there was nothing but beauty. 

The extra romance with Yuri I loved him. But most of all the romance between Abel and Lila was over the top perfection. 

This author has a way of pulling out my emotions till I am shaking with them. I laugh, I cry and I feel so strongly each and every time. 
Kristen you amaze me and I can't wait for more. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Let It Go (Let Go #1.5) by D.C. Renee

And she does it again!!  Wow this author has a way of just totally consuming me for hours. I don't want to put her books down and I always want more. I wanted Benny's story since I read  Let me Go. I even begged for it in my review. I can't describe what it feels like when a side character just completely steals my heart. I think about them and want their story so badly.  Benny was the most loyal friend that I'd ever seen in the previous book. He was there for his friends and he still had this mystery going on. 

Sophie was a person that had the type of past heart break that you'd think she'd never be able to open up to love again. Benny knocked down those walls and showed her that true love can't be contained into what's right ad what's wrong.  The love story grew slowly and it built to a fantastic conclusion. We all know you can't control who you love. This was a perfect portrayal of that. I adored these characters and I learned to not always judge things by what you first hear. There is always two sides to every story. 
Another winner by this fabulous author. 

Disfigured Love (With Epilogue) by Georgia Le Carre @GeorgiaLeCarre

Georgia Le Carre ..has totally did a complete and utter shake up on my heart. She is the only author that I trust implicitly to safely carry me over certain elements that normally I couldn’t deal with.

 This modern day fairy tale has a very very dark theme to it.   

Disclaimer:  From dub/con to forced sex (F/F ) scenes ..and even some incest/rape of a teenage child. I had to hold my breath and push forth to make it through. 

But the reason I was able to do this was simply because it was Georgia writing it. I knew by the end she’d erase the hurt and the pain and fill me with beauty and healing.

Lena Seagul
A fighter, a survivor and most of all a woman with the biggest heart of any heroine I’ve ever known. What this girl went through would undoubtedly break most people. She held on and she was rewarded with a hero that wasn’t quite so heroic at first.

 Guy..he’s a mystery, he’s an inigma but he is so drawn to Lena that he must own her. For every obsessed thought and every dark moment he was haunted with a fierce protectiveness and I felt this battle of his heart leap off the pages. He was simply a man torn in two. Part beast part gentle giant. 

I fell hard for Guy and I can’t even say why. It had to be how much he craved her and how much he would do anything for her.
Lena couldn’t fight her heart and didn’t even try.

 These two souls were meant to be and nothing was going to stop their love. 

I simply felt the extreme and beautiful love they had for each other. To have that amazing depth of feeling from characters in a just proves Georgia Le Carre is a rare and precious jewel. 

From mystery to passion and even danger this one book had me feel every emotion out there. 

The beauty of the world that Georgia paint’s with words is breathtaking. She creates this fabulous canvas of emotions that shines bright and in such vivid color. So many things were delved into that we simply take for granted. From the social classes to the real meaning of unconditional love. Georgia takes you there and through it safely and beyond every spectrum of feeling. When you arrive on the other side you are definitely not the same person. 
Disfigured Love was a love story that completely decimated every single rule or preconceived notion I had. I am in utter confusion but in the best way. Georgia thank you for the Epilogue as it’s the perfect ending to this amazing couple. I adore you lady and can’t wait for more.

Feel so blessed after the dedication !!!
You are one genuine soul.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Brutal Betrayal by D.C. Renee

Where is my heart?.Because it's not in my chest right now. 

I find that the books that make me feel the most from every spectrum of the emotion rainbow are the hardest for me to review. When a book pushes my boundaries and pulls me out of my comfort zone ..those are the ones that are even the hardest. I found that Brutal Betrayal is probably going to be the hardest book I’ve read to date to review. I can tell you that you will feel strongly and you will feel often. When you do feel it’s going to knock you down and it’s even going to lift you up. 

These are characters that will burrow themselves into your heart and really touch your soul. You might think about things in a totally different way then you ever thought you could. After all ..we are human and we fail and we fight and at the end of the day we can give up or give in. Sometimes giving in is finding the grace to just accept the past and live in the future with no regrets. 

I am in utter shambles but I wouldn’t have traded this journey for anything. DC  Renee no matter what keep pushing boundaries because ..feeling this strongly after a book means you did your JOB lady!

Karter by Scott Hildreth - @ScottDHildreth

Wow Scott Hildreth.. that was magic. Loved this couple so much.

 Karter was like a hyper goth fairy that captivated anyone's attention who was around her. 

OH boy and Jak this intense protective loyal bad ass. The most tender hearted and loyal guy ever! 

 I laughed out loud and teared up quite a few times. I'll never hear the words short stroke and not think of this book.

 Every time he lifted Karter in his arms..and let her feet dangle I have to say I swooned.

I felt like I could feel their love touch me from the pages.

Twists, turns and pages full of passion. 

I was hooked and read this in one setting.

I love books with men who fight for the women they love and characters who are so layered and interesting. No weak heroine or jerk hero  here. Total goodness and I'm so glad my girl Steph told me to give this one a go.
Scott.. if you write another with the intro of

.Oh and MF only LOL
 Let me know  because I'll one click right away. Those are like my weakness every time.

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