Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jail House Rock by Liberty Laine @LibertyLaine

Cute, sexy and funny debut from an author duo I'll surely be #Stalking from here on out. Fast read, sexy times with an alpha who knows exactly what he wants. Jake charged in and laid claim. Millie had no chance at resisting this total package.

 I'm curious about her sister, her BFF and Trent too. Maybe we'll get more of these crazy characters. If you like #Safe with humor and hot times you'll adore this one.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

With Us (The Amato Series #1) by Layla Frost @LaylaFWrites

I have a very short list of top #AutoRead authors and there is just something about that trust between them and myself that keeps them there. I need loyal, faithful from the start heroes. Layla has absolutely entranced me with Theo. He hasn't left my heart or my mind weeks after finishing this beautiful story. I felt the passionate obsession of him needing Dahlia like fire on the pages. The simply stunning way Layla portrayed his devotion took my breath away.

Dahlia had so many battles emotionally and on the outside you'd never know. 
I thought her dream's were a very interesting and unique way this author portrayed the inner battle Dahlia was facing every day.  
Theo was a wrecking ball and it was
 lovely catastrophic in it's beauty to 
see the walls fall 
and that battle won. He never backed down, he never gave up. But most importantly he never for one second was afraid to show how he felt.

The side characters to me are just as important as the main couple, but what is special is when you are just as invested in their story as the MC's. I adored them all and especially how big of a family Theo had. There were times I questioned Layla's sanity or emotional well being because this crazy lady was evil when she broke my heart.
 But pain sometimes has to be felt, lived and survived to get to the other side. I will be counting the days till we get more from this passionate world she's created.
 So many voices clamoring to have their story told.. And I'm only a reader so I can only imagine how loud those voices are screaming in her ear. If you love loyal alphas, sweet vulnerable yet strong heroine, a cast of characters that's loud in love, steel in strength protecting what's theirs you'll never wanna leave this story. 
#SafeRead #PerfectHero #Romantic
 #AlphaAlert #Hot #TopFav


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Worth the Wait (McKinney/Walker, #1) by Claudia Connor @Claudia__Connor

Claudia took my heart for a very emotional ride in this second chance story. I simply lost myself and my heart from pag one.   I have a hard time with second chance romance because usually there is a lot of drama that can make me lose respect for the couple.  

This couple had life kick repeatedly and the way they handled it was really as humanly as can be expected.  They both made mistakes, both acted rashly in the past but Claudia have me true depth of remorse, sadness, hope, and faith.  She rebuilt them from the ashes of their past and into something stronger and steady.  I haven't cried for a heroine since Hannah and it's ironic she had such a huge presence in this story.  Mia had so much pain and heartache that I found myself sobbing so many times.  While Nick lost himself in his job and raising his siblings, living in guilt, Mia tried to live and love in the only way she could.  Her nurturing heart was broken again and in a way only a Mother could understand.  She's truly a character who will always be in my heart.  Nick had an uphill battle to reclaim his life, love and family but he claimed it like a true hero. 
 I'll say that only the separation and small details during it regarding their intimate past and lack of equality were the only negative aspects of this story but even including them added a humanity that made if believable.  Yes we want the fairytale but sometimes adding a few bumps just keeps it real.  Nick wasn't perfect and he knew it.  But his love when he had a second chance was a love that you just knew was worth the wait.  Truly an epic read all the way through.  

Monday, January 9, 2017

Long Drive by Jessica Florence @Florence_Jess

This author is absolutely going to be on my 2017 #Stalking schedule. I really enjoyed this hostile acquaintance to friends to lover's story. Totally other woman drama free and full of sexy times that had me fanning myself. 
But note than that it had one hero , Killian, who was by far amazing and loyal and simply perfect for Livia our heroine. These two had sparks that you felt even when he was so surly. It's like you could read through that animosity right to the heart of what he truly felt and that was deep and soul stirring want. But not just physical. No it was way beyond skin deep.
 These two were funny , silly and sexy. I adored everything. The only downside was a missing part in their HEA ..but since we'll see more of them hopefully in Joel's story I'll hold out for my dream to come true. Please Jessica give me.. please.
 #safe #sexy #grumpyButperfectHero

Full Package by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3 @inkslingerpr

Each time I trust my heart to Lauren she earns that trust on each page. Friends to lover's are always a thin line for me. The angst can not smother me. The characters can't be sleeping around after their relationship starts changing.
That's why this author is my go to author for angst free reads. Lauren does humor, passion and the absolute right amount of angst at the right time. 

Chase was totally a Dr. McHottie for sure. But this guy wasn't just a stethoscope and a smile. He was a great friend, a wonderful brother and when it came time a beautiful loyal lover. 
Josie had the perfect job of being a baker and desert maker because she's got sugar flowing through her veins she's that sassy and sweet. 
The added recipes that gave a little insight into Josie's POV were brilliant. These two were made for each other from head to toes. I simply believe that only when they were together did it really become a full package. 
I'll never get enough of this authors feel good stories and wonderful Lauren universe. 
It's just a hot place to be.

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