Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alluring by Sarah Curtis @sarahcurtisathr


Was this a perfect book??.No .. but here are the reasons for my 5 stars.
Its been a while since I could get lost in a book where I truly felt like it was a romance.. a love story where the hero isn't fighting his feelings or calling it temporary. No Jackson Cole was the perfect hero. I adored him from start to finish. The fact that there were no drawn out drama and misunderstandings just made it refreshing. Yes it had some cliche moments.. virgin heroine.. playboy hero. But what made it work was he regretted his past. he cherished his present and he fell hard and didn't try to land softly. Sarah.. I'll read anything you write if you continue giving me loyal no other women once he sees the one.. thats simple Sizzling pure romance.

Notes for Safe zone : No cheating but references to past history and exes.. but only small references. He doesn't touch anyone from the monent he meets the heroine. Although some crazy exes try to touch him. It only causes funny scenarios.

The Navy SEAL's E-Mail Order Bride (The Heroes of Chance Creek #1) by Cora Seton

The Navy Seal's E-Mail Order Bride was a refreshing reminder of a sweet romance. It's very very common these days that the popular theme among romance is 
"temporary". It always starts with .."oh we are just hooking up "or "this is just sex"
. It's hard to find books that are just up front and honest about what's going on. Here we have a strong and brave hero who isn't afraid of marriage or fatherhood. He's diving in and he's not shy about it. Did he have a catalyst to speed things up? Yes but it didn't change the fact that when he started looking he was determined to get it right the first time. The thing that really got me was that once they really started being a couple, Cora Seton kept things real. They had real struggles and real solutions. I loved the obstacle course and the way Regan went about winning that race.
PRETTY SNEAKY! For romance lovers and the "Safe" book hunters like myself you can't go wrong in anyway with this sweet and sexy romance A hero that is 100% committed from the first conversation and not one moment of angst regarding what he wanted. Mason was totally Perfect Alpha material.
I loved this book and I was totally smitten the whole time. I can't wait to see what else this author has for me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Unexpected Chance (Running Into Love #6) by Annalisa Nicole - @AnnalisaNicole4

 Romance as a genre has evolved in close to the same way as technology. It comes in so many flavors and so many moods..But when I find stories that bring me right back to the reason I started reading romance at all. Those are the ones I call magical. I want love stories.. where a sexy .. sweet.. even sometimes bossy hero .. sweeps a feisty.. kind..and endearing heroine right off her feet. Annalisa Nicole has become my favorite author for what I call true Romance.. These characters in this series have stolen so much of my heart. I have laughed and cried.. I've fallen.. like Savvy said best.. I've collapsed into love with this entire family.
Savvy really stood out to me from her introduction a lot of ways she seemed so real and down to earth..

Aiden did a sneak attack.. The one on the sidelines last but certainly not least to run head first.. catching love.. in his arms. 

I had an experience of sheer sweetness and bliss reading their story. Annalisa will always be my girl for feelgood and heartwarming stories of family..passion and love. I can't wait to see what she'll give us next. After all.. I feel like Levi and Quinn .. and several more of Max's tough and sexy employees deserve to have their stories told.. and the selfish part of me knows if we get their stories .. we are guaranteed to visit with the Wellington clan again. Until then.. don't run from love.. run into it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Deep (Stage Dive #4) by Kylie Scott @KylieScottbooks

Going into this story I was ecstatic to hear it was about Ben the sexy bearded bass player.

 I also love pregnancy story lines. I was so happy to see all the previous characters and had so many laugh out loud moments with this crazy bunch. Ben and Lizzie had a rough hill to climb though. I found Ben wasn't as take charge as I would have liked. He really didn't give me the intensity or convince me that he really fell hard for Lizzie. I kept reading though because Kylie gives us in depth stories ..about more than just the couple. . how each individual comes to terms with struggles and changes that need to be made. I loved that Lizzie was strong and didn't let people push her around. She'd have done this alone if she had to but her heart belonged to Ben and thankfully he woke up to the fact his was hers all along too. Sexy times.. lots of laughter and crazy antics still had me devouring this gem so totally it deserves 4 solid stars.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Need Me (Broke and Beautiful #2) by Tessa Bailey @mstessabailey

Tessa Bailey you have swept me off my feet once again. Its so funny how one moment Ben had me swooning then the next I wanted to shake him. Before I could stew in my anger he had my heart fluttering again with his adorable and at the same time hot and dirty thoughts. 

I'm a sucker for professor/student romances when the ages are appropriate and this sexy and romantic tale fit my needs perfectly. Ben definitely won the award for best redemption and groveling I've read in a super long time. I really adored how much attention Ben paid to even the finest details of Honey's likes.. loves and important dreams. He really was a great guy. His way of making up just won me over for good.

I think because he did it in such an over the top cave man way is why it worked so well. 
Honey was a feisty and brave southern girl. I loved her imagination and her drive to succeed not only in life but in love. She wasn't a doormat though and gave Ben the room to man up. This was the perfect balance of angst to romance.. and loved how it set up the set up for Russell and Abby coming soon. Tessa keep those fingers busy and the stories coming.. can't wait for more

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Until July (Until Her #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds - @auroraroseR

Aurora Rose Reynolds is just one lady who I can dive into her books and lose myself for hours. I adore her heroines and for me it's sometimes a sad confession that I simply am so blown away by heroes in my romance ..that the girl well she can fade into the background noise. But not with Aurora, heroines are first of all vibrant with personality and also loyal and brave ..they all have differences but those traits I've listed  just remain the same. She doesn't make weak and wimpy girls they are just women who need that one special man to set things right. Wes was that for July. Was he a perfect alpha? ..Not totally but that is what made me like him all the more. Because of his fowl mouth and his over the top bossiness he just made me want to climb through my kindle. From their first fiery kiss, I knew it was gonna be a wild ride.
As with every book Aurora writes, there is going to be some nail biting suspense. Something somewhere is gonna make me grip my kindle and shout NO..and every time she gives me a soft landing and a beautiful HEA. This book was quite a bit on the rough side compared to the "parent's" tales. It had some hot scenes and it had some pretty rough biker language and actions. If you have sensibilities that don't like biker language, along with their environment and they way they speak to women,  this isn't for you but if you can look past these rough boys growling and bossing at the decibel of Volume 10 ..and see that they love with everything in them and protect to their last breath then read on. 
I adored the secondary characters (including the amazing 1st Generation Mayson's) ..that's why I say them.. because already I can tell you that there will be more coming and it's gonna be good. Guaranteed.

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