Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beautiful Life (Carpino, #2) by Brynne Asher

I'm hooked on this passionate cast of characters. 
The Carpinos love hard and fully. Tony was beyond amazing and I swooned every time he spoke. 

So many highlighted passages , its crazy. Leigh was brave even when she was broken because she refused to give up. 
Tony was the steel to her softness and brought back the beauty from the pain.

"I will always handle you with care,”
 I simply and floored by this authors talent and so thankful I discovered this amazing series. I'll be counting the days and minutes till her next installment. It's beyond refreshing to stumble upon a new author who knows what romance really is. Just amazing, really.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Rock My Heart ( Luminescent Juliet #4) by Jean Haus @JeanHaus

Jean Haus brings me up and down and back to flying every time I dive into one of her sexy, sweet , intensely emotional stories. Gabe called to me from the moment his character was introduced in the previous installments. Brooding, hot headed and so sexy. Yea you know I love my bad boys. But the part that called to me the most was his part. An abusive alcoholic father took a childhood and turned it into a survival nightmare. Gabe came out as an angry yet protective man. April was very secretive almost. Like from the start of her involvement in the group of friends I felt something wasn't right. Jean did an amazing job at peeling back the layers and letting the reader see the real April. Her past was painful yet she really held too much responsibility for the things that happened. Gabe and April fit together like two puzzle prices. Him all angles and rough edges and April sharp lines and rigid curves. They evened each other out, creating balance. Every choice causes a reaction on life and we have to answer in some way. Gabe had major trials to face. When about to give up he made some pretty bad choices. Really the worst was pushing April away. But April was so amazing at not giving up and Gabe stole my heart back the moment he hit his knees. I really enjoyed this young, fresh romantic tale and can't wait for more from this author. She yanks my heart strings and feeds the music of my soul.
 4 Rocking stars. 

The Virgin Duet by Alexa Riley - @_AlexaRiley

When I heard Alexa was writing a hot story with two virgins I said yea baby sign me up. Bray was an inigma , so intense and held himself so closed off but his fascination with Rebecca slowly built until he was knocking down his own walls. His protective nature kicked in right away and I loved how he cherished her. 
When Alexa writes anything you know it's going to be five alarm hot and this was exactly that. This had nail biting suspenseful moments that my pulse racing and kept me on the edge of my seat. There were some sweet and romantic moments too though and I really enjoyed this new addition to this authors Sizzling library . I can honestly say this lady is my guilty pleasure . Alexa, please gimme more One Woman , Don't touch what's Mine Alpha Males  because I can't get enough.

Bleeding Love (Hope Town #2) by Harper Sloan

I'm overwhelmed with emotions I can't even describe after reading this beautiful healing love story. Knowing that Liam was the son of one of my favorite heroes, Beck I knew he had some big shoes to follow. This man didn't let me down. He blew me away. 
 There were so many surprises that I don't want to give anything away. From the start this was more than passionate, it was almost electric. Vibrant and pulsing, Liam and Megan just had a love that almost pounded out loud like a heartbeat. 
So intense and so sensual too. I was totally consumed and swept away.
 The sweet relationship one between Molly and Liam was tear inducing and heart warming. That little angel had every alpha male in the book wrapped sweetly around her princess pinkie. Most of all she took Liam's heart and climbed in side and this strong man was brought to his knees by the love of one little angel.
Of course the characters from stories gone by added that feeling of home and I just didn't want it to end. Such perfect love. Liam and Megan will be a favorite couple of mind for a long time. Like sticky bubblegum forever. You want a love story that makes you feel? This is it. 
A true "Feel trip"  so start now. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Overflow (Carpino, #1) by Brynne Asher

I'm so happy I went in blind on this. Sometimes the most beautiful gifts are the unexpected ones. I may have passed on this if I had known a few things but in all honesty I'm so very glad I didn't. I loved the writing style, the witty humorous banter and the sweetest sexy romance I've read in a while.

 Jude Ortiz has really captured my heart and proven to me that sometimes things just fall into place how they should and beauty can be found after pain. I was totally lost in this amazing read for hours and had moments of sheer happiness to times of extreme sadness to full on joy all over again. This author broke a mold for me, she busted past some boundaries and proved real love can't be denied. I am just in happy bliss. I feel like I've made friends. So yea now I'm diving right into Tony's book.
Thank you Brynne for such a beautiful story. You've definitely got a fan lady.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ride Steady (Chaos #3) by Kristen Ashley @KristenAshley68

Ride Steady was brilliant. It was romantic, funny and extremely heart warming. This book was the reason Kristen Ashley is still my favorite author ever. 

She gives me love stories that make me grip my Kindle in the pain and the goodness. 

Joker has burrowed into my heart so deeply 

I just feel like I actually met him. 

I hurt for the little boy he was and I cheered for the beautiful special man he became.
 Kristen has a way of taking one story about one couple and threading it into a tapestry of so many more side stories that it ripples in a vast ocean of wonderful goodness. We got to see all our favorites from so many previous stories. She always makes it feel like you've come home to 

I adored Carissa so much. She just had such a beautiful soul. Some women would be torn down by a man and then one day deny ever loving him but Carissa never regretted her love for Aaron because for one thing it gave her that sweet bundle of googly Travis and for another it just made her stronger. What I loved about Carissa was her belief in those around her. She never doubted Joker. Not once and with her history.. She could have easily doubted any man.

 But Carson Joker Steele was not just any man. He was her friend from those high school days when he was just Carson till he came home as Joker  was her man in all the most profound ways that a real man can be. The way he adored her was like the perfect balance of love and respect. He lifted her up and he also wanted to give her the world, while at the same time receiving the world in the form of her and Travis.

There is nothing more beautiful than a man who unapologetically  loves a child.. Proving blood does not determine parental love. 

This man was just so wonderful and I'm still in fuzzy butterfly love hours after finishing. I just simply loved every single moment, the highs and lows and all the in between. 

I'll never find enough words to describe how very much I enjoy getting lost in this authors work. Simply brilliant , that's all.

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