Friday, February 28, 2014

Unexpected by Amity Cross

Copy Provided by author for Honest Review

4 Silver Sizzling Stars

10 Sizzling Hearts for Heat

10 Sizzling Hearts for Heat

I love a good rocker romance and if he's a dirty talker I'm smiling the whole time.
West and Blaire come together in a blaze of lust without even knowing each others names or anything about who they are or their lives at all.

West is addicted and Blaire is running scared. But nothing is gonna keep these two apart ..they are just drawn like moths to a flame.

I loved the constant bickering because it always led up to more explosive sex scenes. 

One tough guy who is feeling things he never thought he would.
It was like the universe had made her just for me.

A girl who was drowning in the unknown feelings of feeling wanted and pursued like she'd never known before.

Underneath a story that might come off as just another hot rocker romance is actually an awesome beginning to a series I'm definitely going to be following. Two pretty messed up people come across each other at the most perfect yet Unexpected time and way and I see a beautiful love story coming ..just can't wait for more.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rare and Precious Things (The Blackstone Affair #4) by Raine Miller

Simply Beautiful conclusion to a breathtaking love story
Rare and Precious Things picks up at the very moment Eyes Wide Open ended. We are transported to honeymoon bliss
0f course since we are talking about Raine Miller here and Ethan (sex god) Blackstone is the hero, well honeymoon equals 
Serious Shagging !!!

From the moment these two deserving love birds walk inside the passion explodes on the pages and married bliss only ramps up the sexual compatibility of these two amazing characters. 
I am one of the rare readers that doesn't EVER get tired of my favorite characters. I'd read installment after installment as long the story kept my interest and well I was not disappointed in the HEA that these two struggled to achieve. 
Sweet moments, shared secrets, healed hurts and blazing love scenes left me feeling a sense of happy ever after right along with them. 
Sweet butterfly angel ..Brynne's nickname for peaches, apricots, summer squash you name it..(paraphrasing) the sweet little addition this family was epic, intimate and extraoridinary. I just felt so at peace reading about this sweet sexy couple becoming a family. 
A family they both so desperately craved, a serene place to feel loved, accepted and cherished. 
Ethan found solace and Brynne found love. 
Rare and Precious Things 
3 Hearts found HOME
Ethan I hope to get a few more glimpses of you in the future as I'll miss your sexy filthy mouth. No doubt in my mind you are a Perfect Alpha
Thank you Raine Miller for the honor of being able to review this simple perfect romance. 


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hard As You Can (Hard Ink #2) by Laura Kay

Laura Kaye never fails to deliver action and passion filled stories. I couldn't wait for the next installment after reading Hard As It Gets. You think you won't have a new favorite couple and then she blows you away. Shane was the sweetest sexiest southern gentleman that I've had the pleasure of reading about in so long. His protective nature and loyalty just warmed my heart. From the moment he literally crashes into "Crystal" his life was never going to be  the same. 

Sara "Crystal" tried to fight off the attraction between this sexy soldier and herself but everywhere she looked this 6 plus foot "Pretty Boy" was always there. He made her feel safe in a world of pain and betrayal. He made her feel beautiful in a world of scars and ugliness. Shane took goodness and put it back in her life. He put the person she loved the most right in his protective circle and made Crystal feel safer than her and her sister have ever felt. 

The friendships between these ex-soldiers are something that kept me riveted. I saw so many facets of how loyalty truly is born and bred. So many characters that kept me wanting more and more of each man's story. Big Easy with is smoldering depth, Marz with is funny quirkyness. Jeremy with his sexy stand up brother to everybody nature. I could go on and on but the guys in this book are one of a kind and Laura knows how to not only write romance , she delivers relationships of all kinds and makes you feel like you really know these characters in the end. 

They were becoming a family born of choice rather than blood.

The romance still built and built and sexual tension was evident from the beginning but more beautiful was watching this strong broken man fall for this girl who never thought she'd find happiness again. 
 How Shane saw the real woman beneath the facade was beautiful and inspiring. He knew what to say and do to make her feel loved and cherished. 


But most of all he saw the fighter underneath the meekness.

This was a suspenseful and passionate story and I was left wanting the next as soon as I finished. So much more will be in store for these amazing characters and I want to right in the front seat. 
Thank you Laura for such an amazing group of characters. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Meant for Me by L.P. Dover

I went into this book thinking I’d find another hot MMA fighter romance and really not expecting what I found. First of all I must say I was a little apprehensive when I found out that the Heroine was already in a relationship once the book took off. Well, my fears were relieved in a good way and I breathed easier.
 Claire and Mason really were a couple that just fit. They had sizzling chemistry and just got along so well. I really enjoyed their banter and how they never stopped making up for lost time in all ways. Mason stole my heart right away being the kind of guy who isn't afraid to say he's sorry and go after what he want's. His sweet  and sexy side just warmed up so many times. 

 This book should really was spot on being categorized as Romantic Suspense because the mystery kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I really had to know what was going to happen and every time I turned around there was another twist thrown in. I shed a few tears, laughed a lot and was mad more than once. But in the end I really enjoyed this sexy suspenseful read. The love story grew on me and I was totally breathless in anticipation by the end rooting for this sweet couple. 

This is my second L. P. Dover read and it’s definitely not my last. Can’t wait for Matt’s story because I just have to have more of him. Last but not least!!! Oh and ...I want Cooper! I never had a book where I felt sorry for the other guy since Thoughtless but wow Cooper just melted my heart. Thanks to the author for this awesome read!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nabbed In New Zealand by Christine Edwards

I found myself lost in this story before I knew what happened. I didn't see the beauty of this love story coming so it knocked me on my knees. I seriously love how Christine writes her men. They always know what they want and they do not give up. 
When I go into reading a BDSM story I always have to remind myself that the two characters are there and are in this type of a relationship because they both need something that it can provide for them in a respectful and loving expression of trust. I always find myself wondering why at some parts especially the "punishment" encounters. I think, could I ever trust someone that much and let myself submit in such a profound way? It's beautiful to me because of that trust aspect. 
Christine did an amazing job of building this love story through the exchange of trust between Valla and Judge. 
Every time that Valla did something that deserved "punishment" I'd go what in the hell are you thinking??? But then I'd back up and go...hmm...maybe she wanted this. Yea that is exactly what it is. I see that without the little "missbehaving" moments then there would be no play in that way.

The scenes were smoking hot and I loved how passionately they were written.      

We feed off each other; it’s a stark reality. He needs my pain and I need his strict hand .…

“That’s perfect, sugar. Now hold still and take what I have for
 I want you to use your safe word if you’re scared or in too much pain, understood?
You could never, ever disappoint me, all right, darlin’?”
you.                          Judge

Judge was so dominant, passionate and sexy. He had a way about him that just brooked no argument. But Valla loved testing him and he always gave her what she really desired in the end, his true dominance. But she actually held all the power, because she really held his heart.

I am so glad I found Christine Edwards and her amazing stories through my buddy Steph because I have enjoyed them so much.
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