Saturday, February 28, 2015

Halligan to My Axe (The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC #2) by Lani Lynn Vale @LaniLynnVale

Another sexy funny and emotional romance from my new favorite Lani Lynn Vale. This girl can write. I am so addicted to these characters. I feel like I know these people. Kettle was so full of ..just so freaking vibrant. I loved Adeline for him. Kettle was like a force of nature with how he could be the calm of the storm then erupt like a Volcano. Adeline was the perfect balance to his overwhelming electric personality. I really adored these two. But more than that I loved the way Lani built a family for ever character in this bunch of bikers, firefighters and paramedics. There was a lot of suspense which kept me guessing. Heart breaking secrets of the past.. I was devastated over things that Kettle suffered through. A love so deep and strong rose from the ashes of his heart to burn bright and forever.. Adeline gave him back his hope. Lani.. I'm truly so happy to have found your amazing imagination.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mugs of Love (Stories of Love #1) by Norma Jeanne Karlsson @NormaJKarlsson

Wonderful, fantastic, amazing..these are the adjectives that are floating around in my head. I loved every single solitary thing about this book. From the intense and captivating suspense, to the amazing and wonderfully refreshing love story. I was in a white knuckle grip of my kindle. I didn't want to stop reading and I was really sad when it ended. NOT because anything was missing but because ..I had to say goodbye to it. I am in love and I want more now.

Claiming Serenity (Seeking Serenity #3) by Eden Butler @EdenButler_

Eden Butler really knows how to take my emotions on a mind boggling adventure. From humor to anger and passion to wonder she brings feelings to the surface so vividly that you can almost see them shimmer in the air.

 I would pick up my Kindle and lose myself in the catastrophic whirlwind that was Donovan and Layla and get so frustrated that I'd find myself wanting something to break. . to crush.. I wanted to scream and don't remember ever wanting to throttle two characters more than these two. 

Eden surely you had to find yourself a little bit of indigestion writing this.. hate - love story. But hold on for a moment if you think I'm bashing anything. Because for every violent thought I had. . there were 50 hopeful and eager thoughts to follow. See that's what makes Eden so brilliant. To take my heart and invest in a couple that seems like a train wreck.. and make me believe in them so strongly that I couldn't give up. I felt this authors hope and her redeeming love being poured into these explosive moments between two stubborn people. . felt it so strongly that I had to.. craved. . the outcome and knew somehow someway that the walls would come down and the real and true emotions and dreams would save them.

 Friendship and family.. a place of love and forgiving souls.. flawed yet loyal.. is where this cast of characters lived. I still feel like I'm there.. one of them. That's the world Eden created. It might have been a rough ride but the truly meaningful things in life aren't easy.

Reclaimed by River Savage @RiverS_Author

River if I could send an audience to your house to give you a standing ovation.. I'd do it right now. 

As a mother of 25 yrs.. and 3 boys total I applaud you wholeheartedly for approaching this sensitive and emotional topic. You gave us honesty and realism. You didn't cover it up or lower the facts to be more palatable or romantic. What you gave the reader was the truth that even the beautiful things in life aren't always shining bright and full of sweetness. No the truly meaningful gifts are the ones that leave battle scars on our bodies our hearts and our minds. 
From someone who was living through post partum depression at age 16 and survived.. you did this story justice in every way. Nix was so amazing and rough and even flawed but real..Kadence was a warrior who fought her way back. I adored every moment even when it hurt. One hundred percent beauty.. even in the pain. Bravo.

Lights to My Siren (The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC #1) by Lani Lynn Vale @LaniLynnVale

When I have tears streaming down my face from emotions so deep that I can hardly put them into words, I know then that I’ve found a story that has touched me deeply. When I decided to give Lani Lynn Vale a chance and started this series it was because I had read the reviews of book one and saw that this was what I called a “Nic” proof book. There wouldn’t be any cheating or sex outside the hero/heroine. But what I found was so much more. This book was layered with energy that vibrated throughout. I am finding it hard to explain what I encountered in this amazing love story. Yes I’ll confess it has my favorite thing, insta-love. No the characters Sebastian and Baylee didn’t confess this love right away …it was more like lust but they were drawn to each other like nothing I’ve ever read before. I just loved though how this author took the time to bring these two together in a slow burning build of passion. They became a real couple and this story had so much more than their relationship going on. Baylee was a very strong heroine and had a very high stress job as a paramedic and also was dealing with two health disorders. Adhd and a bleeding disorder.  and I loved how Lani brought so many details of Baylee’s job and these health issues into the storyline. It didn’t detract from the romance, it was enhanced because it showed how they worked together as a couple and how they had to overcome the obstacles that we all face in real life. Real that’s the word I’ve been looking for. This book had real issues and it had things that made this love story feel authentic. I loved Sebastian so much. He was strong, loyal, protective and possessive. He didn’t mince words or try to hide his feelings. He wasn't just the VP of the MC club, no he was a firefighter who saved lives and worked hard. He just laid it out there. He wasn’t one for flowery words but showed his feelings..his actions spoke for themselves.  

 His past as a Marine really spoke to my heart being a mother to a US Marine myself. But when he took Baylee on a trip to visit some special friends… my heart broke. I learned something I feel ashamed to say I never knew before. Visiting the cemetery of lost heroes.. there’s a tradition. Simple coins. But profound meaning.

Nickels meant that the deceased and visitor to the grave attended boot camp together.
A dime meant that they served with the person in some capacity.
And a quarter, like the one Sebastian had just left, meant that they were with them when they’d died.

This part of the story just had me in tears and feeling so thankful for men like my son but also for the families and the loved ones left behind.

So Sebastian didn’t always speak the romantic words..he was all about doing, showing and claiming.  But his actions were LOVE and it was so consuming how he loved Baylee. When this book had me gripping my kindle and holding my breath till I was dizzy..and gasping..I knew then without a doubt I’ve found an author that I have to have more of. I was totally enraptured and oh Sebastian has really taken my heart.

With any MC series there is going to be the brotherhood, the foundation of the club. 

This had so many interesting and intense characters that Lani took the time to make me the reader want more..right now. I want Kettle’s story and I want Sterling’s and  Trance. I haven’t looked at the next book but will be diving right in hoping it’s also safe for me. I was totally consumed by this amazing story and this author now has one girl who will be watching the name Lani Lynn Vale very carefully. Lani, I want perfect Alpha’s like Sebastian. Loyal, true and possessive. Write girl write.
OH …one last thing. From a girl born and raised in Louisiana, I really really loved the setting of this book being partly in my state.
Any body who loves a good loyal hero, sexy romance with suspense, passion and intrigue..along with an authentic reality type plot. Give this one a’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Unexpected Fate (Hope Town #1) by Harper Sloan @HarperSloan

I completely am head over heals for this entire cast of passionate characters. Cohen was amazing and his Dani-girl was the perfect balance of fire and softness for his inherited alpha male personality. This beautiful love story had everything that I love. A loyal but sometimes humanly flawed couple who had so many obstacles against them. But for every wall they encountered.. there was this undeniable passion and intense connection that pushed them over around or crashing through those walls. 

Two souls.. connected by a history. and by destiny.. years in the making. This brought us to a breathtaking love and sheer beauty. I'm a forever fan of this book and the series that started it all.

Stars in Their Eyes (Wrapped Up in Love #2) by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3

Lauren Blakely is a true romantic and her stories are deeply rooted with everything that spells Love Story. From interesting characters and suspenseful plots, she simply catches my attention with every word on the page. I usually read only heroes of the Alpha male variety. But Lauren is my go to girl now for sweet romantic and sexy perfect boyfriends.
William was adorable and hot. When he spoke I had to pay attention because everything he said truly was full of heart felt meaning. From the way he never once tried to fight his feelings for Jess knowing their time could be limited. . just solidified my intense like of this guy. The banter cracked me up so many times and the passion was just so lovely. Low on the angst and unrealistic drama this was just a feel good and simply put beautiful romance.
 A story of young love. . that turned into forever love layered in hope, faith and beauty throughout. Pure romance is exactly what you find whether Lauren is writing about bossy alpha males or sweet and sexy adorable heroes. Just perfect every time.
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