Monday, March 28, 2016

Baby, Don't Go (Yeah, Baby #3) by Fiona Davenport @AuthorFionaD

Wow what a sexy little roller coaster with an alpha male engine pushing it along. I was a little nervous seeing this was a friend's to lovers romance but my worries were pushed aside when Jack claimed Ellie right away. He had me smiling with his antics and Ellie stood no chance. 
 I wanted to overwhelm her, but in all reality,
 love, need, and passion crashed over me, too.
Such an adorable epilogue. Fiona is just right when comes to sexy alphas and the women who tame them in all the ways that count and keep them growling Mine the forever.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sweet Love (The Sweet Series Book 1) by K.C. Lynn @authorKCLynn

Sweet Love was everything I hoped it would be and more. To visit with Sawyer and Grace again was just absolutely awesome. As an avid romance reader I am always needing my HEA.. But a secret part of me always wonders about my favorite couples and how they lived their HEA with all the trials and tribulations that life throws our way. From sickness to financial problems and family issues we all battle reality in its cruelest forms. To see a couple who I fell in love with experience and conquer those trials just reinforced my hope and my faith in the Grace of humanity. Sawyer was the rock he needed to he.. Standing firm and unshakable when the very foundation of his love, his life, his world was crumbling beneath him. Then there is the most selfless soul named Grace who stepped in to offer life when needed and even against all fear. I honestly think that KC Lynn is truly one of the fiercest protector of truly romantic stories.. 
An author who injects life into fiction that brings it to live inside of you. Creating characters you call family. This was a beautiful, sexy and heartwarming read and the beginning of an exciting romantic series.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Lassoing the Virgin Mail Order Bride by Alexa Riley @_AlexaRiley

I am a sucker for sexy cowboys and this one climbed to the top of my favorite shelf. I must've driven Melissa crazy while reading this one. My borderline stalkerish messenger posts were let's just say a little crazy.  

I went from laughing 
 Not even married and I’m already mad at the man.
to Swooning
 and sighing 
"I suspect I’d follow you to the end of the earth if it meant getting close to you.”
over and over again. 
Once she’s settled, I put my head next to hers and bury my face in her hair.
 She smells like fresh-cut apples and home. It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever
 smelled in my life, and as I drift off to sleep, I can feel the smile on my face.
She’s my home.
Anytime you want a sexy, sweet and satisfying read that isn't heavy on the stressful drama you can rest assured that this duo team will give you want you want. 
I adored Cash from the start even when he was nervous about bringing his mail order bride home he was just adorable because he wasn't arrogant or prideful.. The way he tells it like it is and isn't shy about claiming his bride just had me smiling. 
So many romantic moments and also some pretty laugh out loud ones too. I simply loved every second. I sure hope they give us more with these country loving characters

Monday, March 14, 2016

Baby Steps (Yeah, Baby #2) by Fiona Davenport

Lucas had me see sawing back in forth between love and hate. This jerk was one moment rude and obnoxious and the next sweet and caring. I couldn't stay mad for very long and that kept me a mixture of confused, irritated and swooning. Yea I admit totally schitzo.
But well blame it on this author because she has a way of making her heroes over the top yet just amazing enough you can't help but love them. His mind and mouth might have been fighting the truth but his heart knew that Jade belonged to him. I absolutely enjoyed that even though Jade couldn't resist his charms she still held her own. These two had the perfect balance of passion to animosity so that they literally exploded when they came together. Totally satisfying and that epilogue was hilarious and sweet.
Can't wait for more
#KindleUnlimited #Alpha

Friday, March 4, 2016

Game Changer (New York Kings #1) by Collette West @Collette_West

I really enjoyed this sweet romance. For me though this was a first that I enjoyed the sports aspects and game play as much as the love story. There was a very enthusiastic and energetic feel to the dynamics of the team relationship and actual game play. I found myself enjoying baseball. Brooks and Sasha were so sweet together. I adore best friends sister romances especially when the hero won't give up. Brooks couldn't get Sasha off his mind from a year ago and he stole my heart when I found out he'd not even thought of another girl after their innocent yet memorable night. These two had to fight through a lot of obstacles to find their HEA. I rooted for them the whole way but more than that I wanted Sasha to get her brother Kyle back in his spot healthy and whole. The camaraderie was heartwarming and other characters really drew my attention. Even though the steam in the book was on the low side the story held my attention and that is most important. 
 4 stars all the way and out of the park.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Whiskey Neat (Uncertain Saint's MC #1) by Lani Lynn Vale @LaniLynnVale

This series started off with a bang. Griffin and Lenore were a riot together. From their initial meeting which had me in stitches to their passionate journey through ups and downs I was hooked.
Lani changed things up quite a bit with this new cast of characters. While she kept true to the spirit she keeps in all her books ..loyal characters and suspenseful plots..this one had an edge. These heroes are going to come very close to the line of right and wrong but you'll love them even more for it. 
 I was seriously holding on tight to my kindle wondering what Griffin would do next. But one thing that kept me smiling was the crazy and funny banter between these two. It wasn't all smiles and jokes though. Oh my Griffin. 
This deeply intriguing hero had demons and it looks like all of these gruff yet deeply enigmatic men of the Uncertain Saints will have their past battles to wage.
For Griffin it was tragedy that no person should have to suffer. Lenore along with some batteries shined light into his life in more ways than he expected. While there were times Griffin played the martyr, Lenore didn't stand by and take it. Which makes all the difference for me in any book where there is what I call "pushing away" .. This feisty heroine fought for her man. She didn't chase him..she laid BAIT.. and well when it was time she caught HIM forever. 
 Staying loyal and true to each other through it they fought their fight till the final bell and the victory was a beautiful life. 

I'm curious to see all the ways Lani will heal these broken men and the women to provide the best medicine. Love ..

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