Monday, August 20, 2018

Tossed into Love (Fluke my Life #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds @AuroraRoseR

Oh my goodness what a sexy sweet and just adorable story. 

I have come to believe after years of reading romance that you go through stages of emotions during a book. There's the anticipation when the couple meets and then the angst of will they or won't they? In slow burns this can be so strong. You'll be screaming do it already and when they do there's the big swoon. Well with every story there's got to be a conflict, issue, trouble etc. That's where hurt and anger can come into play. Then of course the reunion or reconciliation. That's where the healing and soothing emotions come into the journey. Then you've got the HEA. 
For me the reconciliation and ending are the most important parts because if I'm left with no healing in my heart I just feel empty. I want you to make me forget I was hurt or mad. I need to believe in the couples longevity. That's the Aurora Rose Reynolds magic. 

This authors creativity has to be magic to be able to simply cover the hurt with love and heal the heart with romance that you can believe in. Page after page you're immersed in the kind of love story that soothes you and gives you faith.  Antonio and Libby climbed high  fell hard and landed beautifully  

These two characters danced around the inevitable for a long time. Prejudices by Antonio waisted a lot of time for them. My anger at his actions and later my hurt at his words were a defining point for me. I simply wasn't sure I'd get over it 
Oh But ye of such little faith. 

When Antonio hit his knees my heart filled and the cracks healed. I loved that these two enjoyed learning what they loved and working around their differences. I would love to see more of the fire fighter aspect. This was extraordinarily y low on suspense this time. Just a love story with forgiveness and acceptance.

I love the side characters here that add so much to this sweet story. 
My favorite was Pool

. He was the cutest little fur baby  I only wish he'd been mentioned in the epilogues. Kids and pets are just pure joy. 
o us
This is a favorite series mine by this author. I can't wait for more.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Infinite (Carolina Beach #3) by Cecy Robson @CecyRobson

I've loved this series from the start. Cecy just takes me and wraps me in friendship and the family we choose not the blood we're born into.
From Inseverable (Callahan and Trinity) to Eternal (Luci and Landon) I quickly formed attachments to each character in this series. Becca and Hale were characters that I wanted to shake and push together from the start. You know their past has some kind of defining point that pushed them into life choices worlds away from each other. The why and the how is finally brought to focus in Infinite.
Love for me is something you've gotta nurture and feed. These two pushed a childhood /young adult love to the back burner after one night that changed everyone's lives. They both tried moving on and it just did not work. 
Becca loved a false picture of settling down and Hale became this force of nature on Wallstreet. 
Then when betrayal comes knocking Becca answers with fists raised ready to battle for Hale. 
I will say there's drama coming from every direction, secrets brought to light and I simply had moments where I didn't know if this couple would make it through. But I had faith because this author just pushes you high, breaks you hard and heals you with the sweetest landing.

 Passion was strong, love was enough and I just feel like these two deserved to finally find peace in each other. 

 I loved the addition of their doggie babies. 
Oh where will you go next Cecy? Is it over or more to come for this group of friends? 
I mean even silly and funny Sean needs his HEA and I really need more of a story for sexy strong Mason. I loved his heroine here but give me their full story please or even a novella !

4 soul healing stars ✨ 

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