Thursday, May 31, 2018

Innocent Target (Redemption Harbor #4) by Katie Reus

There's just something pure, something right and something refreshing about Katie Reus and her stories. What draws me to this 
author is simply the trustworthiness of her characters. I am one who reads for an escape to feel deeply. I don't want to be bogged down by unnecessary drama . Katie gives you suspense, passion, romance and above all loyalty. You believe in her heroes and you feel protective of her couples. I just love her. 

Innocent Target sucked me in from the first page. Axel seemed like a guy who walked a fine line between right and wrong and yet once you pulled back his layers you see him as the hero he truly is. Hadley recently became a full fledged member of a family and crew of people that would lay down their lives or take one in a heartbeat if someone or someone threatened her or one they loved.
This redemption harbor crew is the epitome of what family should be.

These men for sure protect and love their women like I search for in my romance. Axel fit right in and stole my heart like Hadley stole his.
This was a fantastic installment into a favorite series of mine. Loyal and protective heroes are my weakness. Katie always gives me that and a riveting plot.

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Serenity (Fortuity Duet#2) by Rochelle Paige @RochellePaige1

 I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I've found a truly talented author when she takes me on the best kind of emotional journey. Rochelle slowly seduced me in Fortuity and I was completely enthralled and rooting for Dillon and Faith. The end had me screaming for their conclusion. I was so ready to see how strong their love was gonna be. Faith had a life that taught her in many ways that those that love you will leave. They'll leave you even when you didn't do anything wrong. So when faced with something about herself that she doesn't know how it will effect their relationship she sits on it a while. I completely understood her hesitancy.

This is where Rochelle proved to me that I can trust her. 
I can trust she might break my heart.

 She might make me so mad at a character that I want to throw my kindle but after all the ashes settle I'll see true healing and forgiveness on the other side. 

Dillon is the character that had me feeling all of this. The way he handled this revelation couldn't have gone more wrong. Faith was vulnerable and Dillon hurt her exactly like she feared. 

I think there's only a few elements in books that can bring me back to a very dark place of my 1st marriage. Abandonment and completely being ignored for days is something that causes the worst anxiety to crawl up inside of me. I felt every single thing Faith felt. I wasn't sure that I could get past this. I was actually pretty scared. I pushed through and I'm so very glad I did.

 Rochelle had Dillon face the pain he caused and the repercussions which were partly his fault yes but also something I wanted Faith to wake up and realize no man should ever get that much power that it effects your health.
So these obstacles were truly hard but what was beautifully portrayed was how they worked together to heal. They didn't sweep it under the rug. They did it as a team,  facing things head on.

As always Rochelle writes love stories. She makes sure the reader not only feels the characters connection but I feel their passion and devotion. There's Heart, Heat and a beautiful HEA because she's an author you can trust. 

 I cried some major tears when Dillon had to take a moment and deal with the one person who changed his life forever. Gifts can come in so many packages. But when it's through sacrifice that's where love lives.

Thank you Rochelle for writing with Heart, Mind and Soul. You've really set the bar lady.

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